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The Diary of Conrad Ecklie: Dayshift Supervisor.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Conrad Julius Ecklie
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Disclaimer: This is the journal of a character, and not a real person and has been created for participation in the theatrical_muse community. This has no real connection with Marc Vann, Anthony Zuiker, Jerry Bruckheimer, CBS, or anything else to do with the CSI franchise, and is a creation by a fan. No profit is made from this. This journal features adult content.

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Personality: Ecklie's personality is rather like his appearance, cold, calculating, tyrannical, mean and spiteful. He doesn't like people and people in general don't like him, maybe because he seems to thrive on being mean. Arguing with Grissom is such an example, he relishes in watching the other Supervisor snap like a broken Puppet when he pulls the right strings. He is scummy and has a mean wit and he's good at giving compliments and back-stabbing remarks at the same time which is also used for the purpose of annoying Grissom to the fullest extent possible. Conrad Ecklie has his reasons though, his past wasn’t exactly the ideal one of Grissom’s, Al’s, Warrick’s, Sara’s or Greg’s, even though none of theirs may have been perfect Ecklie’s was far from the dictionary definition of the word. This is probably though why he is so mean and spiteful, that and he just likes to annoy people, likes to watch them get angry and likes to watch them snap.



1. Lacking nothing essential to the whole; complete of its nature or kind. 2. Being without defect or blemish: a perfect specimen.

Description: Ecklie’s appearance perfectly matches his personality, thin, weedy and broody to name a few qualities. He has brown, spiteful eyes and unlike Grissom who is the same age and has a full head of hair Ecklie doesn’t. He has brown hair which covers about roughly half of the back of his head which leaves the rest of his head just about as bald as an Eagle’s. It would have been a curving effect his hair around the back of his head but it is more like the outline of the triangle with one of the edge reaching where the back of Ecklie’s head is with small, thinning, triangular shaped sideburns that reach about halfway in front of his ears. His haircut lets his hair reach just a bit less than halfway down his neck and then it is only a small amount that does. Also there is a smallish, thinning patch of hair on top of his head that is yet again triangular shaped but it has thinned over the years so it is barely noticeable.

Ecklie himself has this sneering appearance around him, like the classic story of the boy who made faces and one day got his face stuck when the wind blew by the Dayshift Supervisor’s is almost always stuck in a permanent sneer of pure unadulterated hatred for the people around him. If it is not sneering it is in a smug smile that tells everybody around him that once again he has triumphed over Grissom in their “friendly” work place competition which can involve bouts of sabotage sometimes. Ecklie’s body isn’t doesn’t have as much to tell as his face or hair, it is weedy, thin with long legs and long arms and a height that pretty much matches the Nightshift Supervisor’s. There is one thing though, something else, Ecklie along with his sneering face holds his head high and looks down at people along his nose, a symbol of how arrogant he is and how much he despises people. His Medusa like look coupled with these features is enough to turn a man to stone, if Ecklie could though he wouldn’t do anything to rectify the problem. He likes to shout orders, give orders and in general act like himself towards the Dayshift of whom he is their Supervisor. Mean, cruel, demanding, hard working and sometimes not one for conversation, more quick, spiteful and cruel comments or retorts that match his appearance perfectly.

History: This man’s life has nearly always been fraught with misery, death and guilt that has followed him a good part of his 49, near 50 years.

If you had met Conrad Ecklie before he was eight years old you almost couldn’t believe that he is the same person he is today. That the child who took great delight in watching the city of Las Vegas around him along with all it’s people, birds and other creatures could become so cruel, so tyrannical, so spiteful and mean. Though if you knew he also enjoyed experimenting on those objects then maybe there might be a slight connection that could be made. Though no real harm was done, he would disrupt birds to see how they flew, bump “accidentally” into a person to see their reaction. It was good nature, good study and he always apologised afterwards up until the 25th of December 1963.

That was only for the brief 8.358 years before his parent’s death, given that each whole number is made out of roughly 365 days, 364 for a leap year.

Conrad Julius Ecklie was born on the 17th of July 1955 in Desert Palm Hospital, Las Vegas to parents David and Martha Ecklie. Both of his parents, who were Greek and of the Greek Orthodox religion, had originally come from Virginia and so he adopted their accents. His Father, to whom Ecklie bears a striking resemblance to, was an army Sergent, so when his child rarely laughed or smiled or cried it had been expected of him anyway. Ecklie’s mother was an accountant. Both of his parent’s professions were respectable and brought him a rigorous upbringing which the boy willingly lived up to. He was a quick learner and at an early age knew that behaviour and adherence was necessary if he was going to be rewarded and survive his father’s rigorous routine.

No matter how strong his father was, no matter how smart his parent’s were couldn’t stop them from being killed on Christmas day 1963 by a strategically planned home invasion. Having only gone to get a packet of frozen peas for the Christmas dinner his family always shared with his Aunt, nothing could make up the shock caused to the small boy when he came home from the supermarket only to find the back door swinging open. Nothing could stop the shock he received when he found his mother slumped across the small kitchen table and his father lolling back on the couch in the living room. The eight year old Ecklie had phoned the only other person he knew, his Aunt and when he had dutifully told her that his mother and father were dead she in turn had phoned the police and the killers were caught.

From that day onwards Ecklie lost all emotional feeling, he never cried over his parent’s death, it was not allowed and he was in severe shock, the original shock only being helped along by the guilt. He just knew if he had stayed with his parent’s then they wouldn’t have died. He would have still had his family. But when Ecklie showed no emotion his aunt sent him to the church near where they lived, the shock had been bad for her, the loss of her sister but she knew nothing could have prevented their deaths. Ecklie became even more of a Christian than he had originally been, thanks to this woman and he was thankful in someway for that. He served at the church, was an Alter Boy and when he was not serving he took the Sunday school, gleefully telling the little kids stories to scare them out of their wits.

He went to a private boy’s school, something which only added to his proud demeanour and way of acting. Here Ecklie took a wide variety of subjects. Taking an eager interest in the sciences, he became more and more fluent in Spanish and Greek as the years went on. Greek had his first language after English; he had grown up with it and used it still on many regular occasions. Also, under the persuasion of his Aunt, Ecklie took dance classes along with social behaviour classes and learnt both subjects well though now a days they are very rarely and sparingly used, or so it seems.

Along with dancing and learning social behaviour Ecklie also took up a small number of instruments, three in all which where the piano, the guitar and the flute, but he has the knowledge to this very day to basically play a few more. Along with those three instruments that he has already accomplished playing very well and at a terribly, dramatically high level the Dayshift Supervisor could be called a very accomplished man, both CSI wise and Musical and Arts wise. Although if a person cares to mention the latter two he will deny it upfront and make sure they believe him absolutely. Another thing he will also strongly deny, probably even more so than the two previous was his days spent playing baseball for his school team, reasons being that it was an extra curricular activity and got him in the good books of a few people because he wasn’t terribly bad or terribly good at it, he could just play ball.

Eventually things moved on and Ecklie graduated from The University of Las Vegas with a Ph.D. in Biology, a BS in Chemistry and an MFA in Dance. Having studied these things all his life and also having had no one and nothing to distract him from his studies Ecklie achieved those things very well and came up top of his class. He was and always had been a diligent person; an orphan raised by his religious aunt he turned out knowledge wise a very good person. Personality wise, he had still remained the same world hating person he had been since the Christmas of 1963.

Time eventually moved on again and Ecklie began to work for the Las Vegas Crime Lab as a Dayshift. Things went well up until yet again death struck him flatly across the face. The events leading up the death of Michelle Ecklie in 1985 only saw Ecklie become more emotionless. He had been for a year or so before the death a changed man. A few years before a new Female Nightshift had come into the Labs and as per usual the feud had started up yet again between the Dayshift and the Nightshift of the Crime Labs of Las Vegas. Ecklie reigned though and still does as one of the most hated Dayshift on the job. By then his spiteful nature was well known and the then thirty year old still didn’t like people and still despised them. The rivalry soon started up between this new Woman, they could be seen bickering endlessly yet in the end it was a force of opposites attracting. They hated each other so much, despised the other so intently that it blossomed into a relationship that had the qualities of a Venus flytrap.

Ecklie and Michelle made what could be a betrayal of some kinds, they briefly stopped broke between the war that was happening with the two shifts, momentarily they came through a barrier and Ecklie for the first time in his life was kissed and eventually wed. Yet it remained widely unknown, the only thing showing was that the pair now wore wedding rings and Michelle had adopted his last name. Otherwise they argued in work and loved out of work and as for the Dayshift, he became for the brief while his wife remained alive a somewhat an emotional man and the guilt lifted some. He smiled and laughed, mainly though out of work and was a devote husband to Michelle, they kissed and fondled and it remained at that. No sex was involved and both people still remained virgin.

Though when March 16th of 1985 rolled around, Ecklie headed off to work as normal of any day, having just seen Michelle come in the driveway of their home which was the house Ecklie had grown up in. The House his parent’s had died in and the House that his Aunt had eventually moved into after legal matters had been sorted out. She still lived with them; it was the least Ecklie could do for the Woman who had saved him from the Orphanage, who had cared for him until he could fend for himself. Though he had still been beaten up by the bigger kids for whatever reason it had been, he had fought back but is weedy body which spent most of it’s time indoors or examining people outdoors proved no match to the thuggish brutes who had grown up running amuck in the streets. Though that day in 1985 his Aunt hadn’t been there, she had taken herself on a trip away from Vegas, on a holiday and Ecklie had seen her off the previous night himself after seeing her to the airport. That March 16th day he drove to work as usual, ring on his finger as usual, the only different part of that particular day was that when he got home on his lunch break he found his wife raped and murdered laying as peaceful as a china doll on their double bed, he wouldn’t have found her until he had gone to wake her for her shift but he had broken from his routine that day to just see her. Ecklie had foolishly taken her to be asleep, had sat down on the bed to gently stir the woman and when she had not moved he had checked her pulse and rolled her over only to find the stab wounds. His reaction was the same as it had been those 22 years ago, he had phoned his Aunt and told her and then phoned the police. Since it was still in the AM, Dayshift had taken the case and Ecklie forced his way in on it as well, pursuing the case relentlessly until it was solved. He had made no mistake and the killer was sent to jail. Michelle’s body was released after the autopsy and Ecklie adhered to her wishes to be cremated and buried next to his parent’s grave. By then though Ecklie had long become an emotionless man again, yet again he had not cried over a death and had refused the minor amounts of comfort offered. He attended the funeral and gave the eulogy just as he had before except those 22 years ago his aunt had given his Parent’s eulogy. He felt guilty still over her death, had he stayed a while long he might have been able to prevent it, he might have just been able to prevent the death of the only other Woman and person to love and like him in his life other than his Aunt.

Time moved on yet again and just a year before the Holly Gribb’s incident Ecklie was moved to the position of Dayshift Supervisor. It was a triumph over Grissom and the smug smile on his face had lasted a day at least because he had truly earned his position and had achieved it a clear year ahead of Grissom even though he knew the other man was close. The ring was long gone and was placed with Michelle’s in a small box that is kept in Ecklie’s desk draw, there is a picture on a frame on his desk of his parent’s with a smaller one of his wife in the corner of the frame behind the glass. When anybody enters though the frame is immediately turned to face down on his desk.

Ecklie’s life has been wrought with misery and death and guilt that has followed him a good part of his 49, nearly 50 years. Eventually he had to move his Aunt into a nursing home as she began to get frail but she is the only person he acts kindly towards because above all the tragedy of the spiteful man’s life, no matter how many times he came home to her, emotionless she still loved him dearly and no matter how much he changed from the kindly eight year old boy she once knew Agatha, Ecklie Julius Conrad’s aunt still loved him. A feat only done by Martha Ecklie, David Ecklie, Michelle Ecklie. Their deaths 41 years ago, 41 years ago and 19 years ago to date and even then, soon going on another year.

The only part of his history that is quite possibly known about Ecklie’s past is his Wife’s death yet even that was gradually forgotten. Nobody wanted to remember anything about Ecklie and people in the Las Vegas Crime Lab had to move on with their lives. He remembered always but whether the Nightshift did is up to Grissom because he was one of the few current people there and although it was a Dayshift case, the death of one of their own was something that had even reached their ears. Ecklie never shared anything with anyone else at the Lab; he never wants to and has never needed to. A cold, emotionless man, a shell that broods, a tyrannical person he has remained for 41, near 42 years minus a few.