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Theatrical Muse: Week 36: Question 36

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 428

What is the most important value you can pass onto your child?

Look at this question, I mean for god’s sake what imaginary crap are you planning to come up with next? I, don’t, have, children. I never will have and I never want to have some grubby little vermin running around my household. I do not have the desire, the urge, the anything to have a family, especially children. The way I lead my life at this current moment suites me perfectly and I do not have any god dammed intention of changing that. I go to the lab and work hard each day at my job, I earn money as a result and I use it to buy the essentials. I do not have any inkling to go and spend it on some dirty little eight year old with a hangnail. In my experience I have come across cases ranging from decapitation to the equally complex strangulation and by and by even some children’s cases. These children do not deserve to die and I would happily fully back up that point on any day of the week but I do not want one of my own. I run myself through a strict routine everyday to ensure every aspect is covered and the introduction of two possible people at the least would surely prove to be a large interruption in that. I have seen people with children, met them at various occasions and get togethers I have been forced to go to and the children, unless they are asleep, are always badly behaved, they run around like maniacs, destroying things, breaking things, making obscenely loud noises, I have seen it all, really. Personally it’s sickening to see all these love struck people waiting for the “pitter patter of little feet”, so much wrapped up in each other to care for much else. For those idiots who have children, they think their offspring are just far too perfect and innocent to possibly commit any nasty little children’s acts. Screw all the boys will be boys and my girl is as good as gold crap, I hate children, they’re attention grabbing, little dimwits who are so reliant on their parents that they can’t do anything at all for themselves their self made idiots. I do not want one and quite fortunately I will not be having one, so you can go take your idiotic question and shove off. I am quite serious, I do not like children and I would rather you take your own grimy little mitts out of my personal life and take them elsewhere to bother somebody else.

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