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Theatrical Muse: Week 35: Question 35

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 500

Do you believe in an afterlife?

No, point blank no. I believe that I was born because it is proven fact by the evidence that I own a birth certificate, I believe people live because they there is evidence that they can be robbed of life and killed. There is no evidence however, that is scientific fact, which proves the existence of an afterlife. Just because some dope high hippy decides to spread the word that he has seen “the other side” it does not mean that is actually real. Unfortunately some human minds are weak, they feel the need to group together in flocks and follow one another till death do them part. There are the particular types of people that follow this person or people who believe they have see “the other life” because they are led by persuasion and con artistry that what they are hearing is true to definite. The people who follow are weak minded and needy, unsatisfied with their own lives and think they have found the answer while they are actually just seeking out and finding the completely wrong answer. The people who run these groups are most often needy, unfulfilled losers in society who have some crack pot ideas and just enough stupidity to get them off the ground. I refuse to stoop to such a low and dirty level and believe all this shit. If it’s not hippies it’s people who get so screwed around with during surgery or near death experiences that they are so grateful for their life being returned to them that they actually believe all their drug or pain infused hallucination fantasies. Even with these supposed “messiahs” and powerful bringers of answers and the people who get so screwed up during their life that they begin to hear and see things there is still no evidence. These crackpots aren’t solid, proven fact evidence so there still is nothing to prove anything. There is a lack of solid evidence that there is an afterlife and I base my answer partially upon that and partially upon my other thoughts.

What I think had still remained the same since I started answering this equally shitty question. Putting it very simple I will give it to you short even so you can try and grasp an understanding of it. I do not believe in the afterlife because there is no proven fact, I do not believe in the afterlife because there is too much to disprove this theory and I do not believe in the after life because when I die I know I will die and not continue onwards in some ethereal plane. I do not believe in that crap, when I die I die just as every single person on this Earth eventually will. We do not “continue onwards” when our heart and brain stop to function, we as conscious people with a conscious thought and mind just cease to exist, cease to happen, even if our bodies still do remain physically in occurrence afterwards.

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