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Theatrical Muse: Week 33: Question 33

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 705

Money, fame or happiness, you can only have one... what would you rather have and why?

I wouldn’t choose fame because of the pure reasons that I neither want fame in my life or to have it remotely anywhere near me. Fame is an unnecessary part of life, it is solely based on looks and acting ability rather than brains and it has created a whole world capturing matrix of obsessionally thin woman and idiotically strong men. There are a few good actors, yes, I will give you that but some of these new comer people couldn’t act for corn cobs. I deal with dead bodies, nearly every single day of my life and I do not intend to change that. Remotely how a CSI could become famous for doing such a task is something that reaches beyond me, though I suppose with your simple mind and slow with you have surely figured out some bizarre answer to that query.

I wouldn’t choose happiness because I am already as happy and as satisfied as I could be. I don’t need any more happiness in my life and to have it constantly or accessible most of the time is something that would not suit me. Once again, back to my job. I like my job but sometimes I have to act and morbid and keep a straight face when I deal with the things and people I come across, whether it be alive or dead. It would not help if I did not feel somewhat that plain and morbid way because if I was happy, somehow it would show it. To be a CSI you have to be strong and strong willed with a keen eye. I am all of these qualities and something else that is useful to a CSI is keeping his feelings in check. If I went around slap happy for most of the time people would think I have cracked and I doubt I would be holding down the job for long after that. CSIs have to keep their feelings in order because it is one of the most important side qualifications of the job, we have to be unaffected every time when ewe process a body, whether the cause of death was asphyxiation or mutilation, we have to not feel and feel at the right times. There has to be a balance with not feeling but caring at the top of the line order.

Out of the three, I would choose money. Why? Because it is the most useful to myself out of the three options. I am quite content with my pay and I always spend my money wisely so there is always a bit left over, even if it is minimal. Living like I do has its advantages, I do not use much money anyway, a small meal for breakfast lunch and dinner each day and the cost of the bills. There is not much extra that I entirely desire to acquire since there is nothing frankly that interests me enough into putting my well earned money into buying it. Some people live to spend money; I on the other hand spend money to live. Nothing entirely amountable there, I maintain a well led lifestyle, I buy things that are satisfactory to myself, I use them and get on with it, get on with living. I do not scrape to make ends meet. Money wouldn’t go astray though and as I said, it’s the most useful to myself out of the three equally hypothetical, brain dead options. If I had extra money it could be stored away for later use and put to work when I absolutely need it. Although I would not change in the least and I would still use the money I have as I always do it would not harm me or any others if I had some extra sitting in the bank, collecting interest. This is, purely hypothetical of course, I am not a daydreamer, I am merely just trying to get you off my back and preferably, most suitably shove you out the door. I can say, I’d rather not have any of the options, I am not a daydreamer and I am not going to spend my time wasting it on petty thinking that would invoke such thoughts.

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