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Theatrical Muse: Week 292: Question 292

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 836

Show and tell.

I live in a different era now, a different age of technology, new rules and politics. Essentially ever since the human race started philosophising and writing these thoughts down, there is a basis to say that some of the undercurrents of the human experience are essentially always the same. Office politics is part reason, part emotion, and a person must be rational when making decisions regarding rules. Even technology proves the ever essential thought that things always change, and nothing ever stays the same. As much as I remember of the past, as much as I am tied and bound into emotional being by the events of my life, the world still moves around me, and if I want to keep my present lifestyle, I need to move with it.

I was born into a Las Vegas much less crowded than the one that exists today. Less casinos, less houses, less shops, less everything. It was an era where the roles of men and women were still in the position of man being domineering, and women following behind, with the bucket, as it were. My parents were progressive people, and from what I have heard of the grandparents I never really knew, there was a good reason for this. Growing up in a strict Greek society is enough to make anyone want to change their future.

When I went to university journal articles existed in bound volumes in libraries, and computers were huge. When mobile phones came along, they were novel, but large also, as were a number of other technologies that have now been downsized to the extreme. Politics, real world politics were different too, as were those of the office. Now I look back and I have a veritable history class of presidents and other country rulers in my head, of events in Russia and in Asia. I have an even larger catalogue of murders that I remember, countless dead bodies stacked up high in my mind. Hundreds of murders here, dozens of suicides there and accidents aplenty; I have watched the crime rates rise and fall and I have experience all of it.

I am hesitant towards change, by which I mean not all change, but that which is too fast, too quickly. I realise that change is essential for society to move forwards, but too much change too quickly often results in unrest, or mess, simply because people haven’t taken the time to think things through. Of course, not all change has to take years or months or even weeks, but especially when it is to happen quickly, it must be well thought out. Changing office policies simply does not take one moment, one thought, one person, it takes a collection of people, a collection of moments situated in an allotment of time, when other things are not happening and people are free to discuss matters.

In my field I have risen to one of the highest positions possible, at least compared to the hopes of other CSIs, lab techs, and even cops. I have new responsibilities and duties, and a schedule that is much the same, because I already worked longer hours than I was meant to, did more in one day than I might have if I was a slower, lazier person. It is not only my good work ethic that has moved me up the ladder now, it is also due to my ability to play the game of office politics. All of this, being good at knowing people, adapting to the new faces and new technology, it all involves being good at changing, at accepting change as it causes different, new, fresh, occurrences within the world.

Earth will always change, and eventually, I will no longer have an influence upon my corner of the world. As time passes and changes cause things to differ, eventually I will die, and a new generation of people will take hold of science, of my job, of the roles I have filled in the workplace. However, right now in my life, I am finally in a position of greater influence, I am able to, at a greater level, show and tell the people I work with what needs to be done, what might be done, and what can be done, all within the spectrum of the passing of time, all causing eventual change. Even though I will never have children to show things to, or family to tell things to about the life that I have led, and will continue to lead, I am now at a point in my life where I can show and tell many things. I now have a good responsibility and role concerning change within my environment, and admittedly, this change itself, came at the cost of other things I would have appreciated staying fixed. I have never had family, not much of it anyway, and I have never desired children, but irrelevant of that I am still a good man, I can still, make a difference.

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