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Theatrical Muse: Week 261: Question 261

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 780

Which fictional character would you like to be?

I rarely read books of a fictional nature, as I am far too focused for most of my time on doing useful, realistic activities, ones that contribute either to my general well being or to my professional life and standing in the workplace. I do not prefer indulgence in the unreal, because I have real things to do, important work to complete, bills to pay, a house to consider the upkeep of. Much like unnecessary friendships or relationships, I do not need a pointless distraction to rescue me from the outside world, because the world is real, and either way, it demands to be dealt with. To me, it is pointless to try and ignore the demands of being alive, working and functional in life, so I would rather not give laziness a chance to take a hold of me.

Many of the pertinent problems in modern day society now apparently seem to stem from youths and adults believing that they may do whatever they want in defiance of the law. We have more people relying on payments from the government because they believe it is their right to deserve money, even if they are perfectly able and could do a job if they tried hard enough. No, don’t mistake me; I have no problem with disability allowances and money for single struggling parents, things of that nature for people who actually need it. However, there are people, young and older adults who have never held down a job because they have so long since stepped into a world of fictional beliefs and values that they consider it due course that they be supported ad infinitum by someone else for as long as they live. I do not condone this type of behaviour, and never will I accept it as something that should be allowed to happen.

It is a great and certain truth, the ability of fiction to create in people certain debilitating fictional beliefs and values, false information they consider to be real life considerations and facts. Children play violent video games, watch violent movies where people break the law and do not receive punishment, and a percentage of them who don’t have good parents or instruction in their life, they eventually grow up and adopt this provided way of behaviour as the only way they should lead their lives. They think, because their fictional heroes can do it then they can too. Young girls even, they see portrayals of young, skimpy clothing on all these popular television shows, and suddenly, all I see on the street it gravity defying skirts, almost nonexistent shirts, and hazardous displays of underwear.

It is not my belief that we should stay in times of archaic thoughts and even more ancient ways of behaviour. It is one of humanity’s many inherent natures, to move onwards with life, to create and develop upon what we have previously learnt and established through scholarly, methodically planned and thought out pursuits. All medicine, all knowledge of life, of science, of architecture, of mathematics and all the related real world, real life disciplines of knowledge, improvement in these areas only ever comes about because of a certain belief. The belief that real life, however it may occur or trouble us, must be dealt with, it must be considered and explored, and while imagination can lead to new discoveries, it is not the purpose of discovery to get lost in what is fictional and unreal.

When I was young and my father was alive, we used to watch television together on some of the nights he wasn’t busy or away. I treasure those times as happy memories, but we only ever did such a thing after everything from the day just past was cleaned up, when we had done all our chores and all our daily work. Having fulfilled our household and life related responsibilities, we permitted ourselves to have some time off, but only a small amount of time, because life, it must always go on, it must always continue. That is what I detest about fiction, if kept in the mind for too long, it poisons it, it changes the way a person functions, and this damage, while invisible, can never, hardly ever, be reversed. As such, I keep the moments I watch fiction, or read fiction, very brief, as, after all, I have a real and far more important life to continue with, one of greater significance than stories about flying cats or wars that never happened. Real life is just that, it is real, it is my, and every single other person’s, reality, and it must be dealt with always, without major, debilitating, distraction.

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