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Theatrical Muse: Week 257: Question 257

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 844


I have lived in Las Vegas all my life, I was born and raised here, along with all the accompanying stories, myths, trickeries and deceptions. I have a rich knowledge of the full bodied seedy underworld that exists here, of what is supposed to go on, and what actually happens. I know past history and I still keep a finger on the whole pulse of this city, because in order to protect it, and serve it to the best of my ability, then I need to know it and be with as familiar with it as I can. While technology has certainly changed the way that crimes are undertaken, to still understand them in one spectrum, a person needs to know what happened in the past, and how it was done in that era of life.

To get why some people have criminal power now, you can look back at history, and see the changes and conquests that have brought them to where they are. It is a case of knowing thy enemy, which is what I am referring to. If I know the back histories of my enemies, then I can try and discover their weaknesses and can aid in orchestrating their eventual downfall. However, to do this, I need to be aware of what is real, and what is not real, of the myths and the truths. This is another reason why history is essential, because as stories pass through hands and through the mouths of others, facts get forgotten and changed, usually to embellish one moment in order to leave another one behind. Because I have lived in this godforsaken city all my life, I have gained a fair amount of knowledge about what is true and what has been polished, and so I function better at providing knowledge and working with facts, than some people are.

Specious. Something that seems plausible but isn’t really true. That is true, though, Las Vegas, some parts of it, can be quite specious. People come here dreaming of riches, of grand holidays, dancing, partying and perhaps hookers, strippers and the like. Many buy books and waste valuable time learning professed strategies that will, supposedly, absolutely guarantee them an easy couple of thousand, or a sheer million. People count cards, they wear silly hats, have routines and imbecilic predilections, that they think will help them win their dreams and happiness. They have hopes and dreams of promises that look real, but really are unfounded and impossible.

I have lived here all my life. A true Las Vegas son, I have been featured in newspapers long turned to refuse, and memories of people long turned to dust. I am an archaic personality now, working hard and slowly wasting my time away until death swings me away to being unfeeling and to being unburdened with all my horrible past experiences. There are people who think they are better than me, but are not. I am one of the last battalions of knowledge here, because the workforce is changed. Now people come and go out of this place and many others, like the tourists who come in on coaches and who entertain themselves in cheap, shoddy limos. I dance, but one day, the world will twist away from me, and I will be left to rot, because it does not want me anymore.

What people need to know about Las Vegas is just that word. Las Vegas can be specious, can be seemingly true, but not, in both its history and in its daily functioning. Not all that glitters here, in the scarred criminal underbelly, is based on extreme truths, and even where the sun shines, and people gamble their souls away, not all is true. This city will offer up false hopes and dreams for as long as it exists, not because it is entirely dark of filled with criminal activity, but simply because that is some of what Las Vegas is built on. This city, for whatever brightness and happiness it holds, is a place that excels at deceiving others, into hoping and dreaming for things they will never have, and while their backs are turned, they lose so much more.

To come here, to live and breathe here, even for a short amount of time, a person needs to be good at seeing the real truth inside all the complicated lies. If they can do that, then at least, they have some chance at survival, and not being swallowed whole by impenetrable clouds of confusion. In the past, criminals controlled things with hands slick with money. Now they are just as good, if not better at hiding their activities and their influences, at least some of them are. What keeps me in a job, however, is what this city thrives on, weakness. While it is a grim fact, as long as this city can hold things that bring people to destroy others, then I will always be in a job, sorting through things which may seem true, but really aren’t, and those which really are.

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