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Theatrical Muse: Week 251: Question 251

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 597

What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done while sober?

What some people call embarrassing and what other people call embarrassing are often, quite distinct and separate things. What someone calls an embarrassing circumstance, tripping over a shoelace, making a Freudian slip, I call a mistake. Seeing as I do not make mistakes, not rarely, instead never, and at least not to that degree, then I never really am embarrassed. I can get angry at other people’s mistakes, at their embarrassing moments, as long as they are those people who work under me in the lab, because it is part of my job to discipline people who make major mistakes that should not happen. If I enforce discipline correctly, then other people will learn not to make mistakes, they will not create embarrassing situations, and their quality of work will get better.

Life, as far as I am concerned, is all about control. If a person has control, then they can gain knowledge, assert themselves as an independent and able bodied person, and go to work in whatever profession they chose. If they lack control, one can surmise that a person will also lack concentration and dedication to whatever they turn their hand to. I am not, of course, referring to the mentally disabled in this conversation, as while many of people with a mental disability are quite able, there is something in some people, which is missing entirely, and because of this, for want of a better word, they lack, something. I mean this not to be offensive, it is just a fact. Some people can not help what they lack, and it is not their fault that they lack it. Don’t condone me as a prissy upshot of an ignorant bastard either, because I am not. Greek orthodox as I am, my ability to understand and accept others, from wherever background or makeup they come from, has long outgrown my own religion, and some of my previously, pretended to be held, religious beliefs. Some people, of course, lacking any mental disability or physical impairment, are simply inept. I come across this type more often than most others.

If I have control in my life, then I can succeed at what I set out to do, I can wilfully act to have success in my endeavours and what I turn my hand to. If I decided to take up boat making tomorrow, then I am sure that, eventually, after the accepted training and gaining of knowledge, I would have a boat. Being that I live in a dessert, however, I have not much use for boat making, with no ocean to sail in and only a lake to sail on, on regular occasions.

You may think I am pretentious in the thought that I do not, if only rarely, make mistakes. It is a truthful thought, though, entirely truthful, really. I am aware of myself and my actions, I am entirely conscious of what is and what is not socially acceptable in my society, and I conform to this standard in exact. I do not step outside of the lines of normal actions, and therefore, because I am careful, I do not make mistakes. It is rarely that I make mistakes, because I am a careful man. And because I don’t make mistakes, I am never embarrassed. Even if I chose to step outside of normally accepted lines in my actions, I am a careful man, and I hide what I have done, only having done it in the first place if I believe it to be the most suitable course of action at the time.

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