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Theatrical Muse: Week 247: Question 247

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 792

Write about a mess you've cleaned up.

I am always cleaning up some mess or another for this lab, Grissom’s, or otherwise. Not every day, mind you, because otherwise there would be investigations made and accusations proclaimed to authorities higher than even myself. I am assured in the fact that I work hard, and that I do my work well, so it is not my side of things that I need to be worried about, because I, do not make messes. Other people, however, have their own predilections, inclinations and derisions, and therefore, some of them lie outside of my guiding control, and yes, they do fuck up. I’ve seen some of the worst and grandest mistakes made in this lab during my tenure here as a CSI, things that have lead to the loss of evidence or even the damage of the lab itself, the very place we work in and assume to be safe at all times. I have seen people themselves get into trouble, and as a result, get hurt, and even outside of my work, my career, my chosen profession, this inclination, this, wayward sense of casual abandoning of the senses, continues. People, generally, are not very careful for a large majority of their time, and therefore, the messes I notice, and sometimes have to clean up, are at times, plentiful.

The nature of humanity is to be very self concerned with itself. Grissom, is a perfect example of this. He is concerned with himself, with Sara especially, and his team also. Occasionally, and seemingly with increased frequency over these past couple of years, he gets attached to people, to cases, that he can’t, or finds very hard to, let go of. However, it all boils down to the same thing for him, himself. He can’t see that a victim is a victim, that their family is the victim’s family, and not his to be overly concerned with. It is our duty to pay attention to cold cases if new evidence or information leads us in that direction, but Grissom, picks up wayward cases and other such things, like stray animals. I confess, I pick up old cases, I get out old boxes of evidence sometimes, too, but I do so in my own time, when it is proper, when it is needed, and when it is right. Grissom lends out his emotions to things that he has no business or right to be involved in, if the normal parameters of social convenience occurred or were limited to him, in his world. He makes messes as a result of this lack of restriction, and it is I, and others like me, who are often left to clean them up. His team continually falls into disarray and acts of destruction, which, if he controlled them better, would not happen at all, or at least with decreased regularity.

The messes that have happened directly to me in my life, that have affected me personally, have occurred over a number of decades, spanning from my youth, right through to my adulthood, with at least one left for my future. In my own way, I have cleaned them all up, by making phone calls, by informing the correct authorities, by organising funerals, by collecting evidence and pursuing criminals, by watching certain people, at certain times, until they either disappear altogether, or are kept somewhere where I can view them for a seeming eternity. I am an orphan and a widow, not of my own choosing, and these messes, that have happened to me, to cause such a selection of titles, are now in the past, have long since been cleaned up and forgotten by the majority of society.

Aside from the general lack of evidence and information problem that can plague certain cases or circumstances that I investigate, nowadays, Grissom and his team, not my team, are a large cause of my day to day or week to week problems. What has happened to me, in my personal life, has long since wrought an effect on myself, and my mind, and there is nothing now, that can be done, to undo such drastic and significant changes. The messes of my past have been as best cleaned up as they can be, and I have moved on with my life. I work hard, I work carefully and methodically, with precision and dedication, and I succeed because of it. Other people make messes, and I clean them up, or have a hand in fixing the problems and ramifications that they create. This is a simple fact, that loses me no sleep at all, whatsoever, unless I am up actively doing something about a problem in itself. Other people make messes, but I do not, not hardly, not rarely, not at all.

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