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Theatrical Muse: Week 241: Question 241

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 721

What principles are sacrosanct in your opinion?

The act of not being foolish and not doing harm to others. There was a time long ago, when I might have been different, or I could have gained some form of lifetime salvation from a beneficial circumstance, but that time has passed, and this has long since been that way, has been so. Human life should be a sacrosanct principle, because it should be beyond corruption and violation, beyond being destroyed by ready and willing hands. It isn’t however, because while many of us, most of the world, values their own lives as precious, there is a subdivision of these people, those who break the law and murder, who consider human life as something petty and easily wasted away. If human life was a truly sacrosanct thing, there would be no killing, no murder, just peaceful death when the time came. People would not war, people would not harm one another, and life would pass by in some hazy, idyllic state where intentional harm was a foreign word, best saved for fiction, and even then, used sparingly.

Human life is neither a sacrosanct thing, nor principle. It is not perfect, and because we are not perfect or beyond corruption, all of us, every single one of us, then people are still killed by other hands. There is still pain, murder and regret, there are still heated moments where words are uttered and instruments are used to spill blood and wreck havoc. People are not sacrosanct in any way, shape or form, when being considered as an entire race, because as a group of beings as smart as we are, our use of our intelligence is sometimes very poor. However, if humanity achieved a perfection where no crimes were committed or harm rendered to one another, then I wouldn’t have a job, and a lot of the principles and laws on which modern day, real society is based on, wouldn’t exist. I can’t accurately imagine what a perfect life would be like, because mine has hardly ever existed in a near state of perfection, but if sacrosanct humanity did exist from the beginning of time, my life would be different. If humanity achieved perfection tomorrow, though, then it wouldn’t change me, because, being where I am, now, too much has already happened to me, that has spoiled me. Too much has happened, and it has destroyed me, internally, mentally, in a way where I still retain a high level of functionality, but have lost too many things to ever consider myself as untouched, or not tainted..

Since I know that such a thing as humanity as a sacrosanct thing or principle, is impossible, then I settle for my own internal sacrosanct principles of not being foolish, and, if I can help it, not doing harm to others. I hold these thoughts as beyond corruption and violation because they are my own thoughts, the conclusions of a lifetime of experience, that reside within my own head, influenced in strength and placement by my mind and my mind only. While people may be able to influence my thoughts and my decisions in daily life, sometimes, and only if they provide the supporting evidence to back up their own reasoning, these thoughts, these sacrosanct principles inside my head, can not be changed by anyone. They are mine and mine only, and are beyond external influence, thus their position of being sacrosanct.

For something to be sacrosanct, and for it to be truly so, it can never be violated or corrupted by anyone, not even the person who holds the principle or thought in such reverence. It can change as that person changes, it can develop as an idea or an already made decision about some matter or another, but it can not become a spoiled thing, it can not fold in on itself and disappear. People can change, and as such, many of their principles are only temporarily sacrosanct. This is possible, it is acceptable, but it doesn’t change what I think. To not be foolish and to not harm others are my sacrosanct principles, and as true and complete sacrosanct thoughts, they will never die. Even if everything else does, they will never be spoiled and never be corrupted, even if I, the person who holds them, is already long beyond such harm.

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