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Theatrical Muse: Week 236: Question 236

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 870

What does respect mean to you?

Respect is a time old tradition that is inherent in the biology and customs of many creatures, human beings included. Respect can be indicated towards at every point in history, and while respect for people, for animals, for buildings and similar thing, is a way of acting that prevails today, all these historical pinpoints also show the downfall of respect. Every turn in history comes up with examples of respect, of daughter’s learning needlecraft from their mothers, because they knew better, or workmen taking on apprentices to teach them their knowledge. Children listening to teachers in schoolrooms, soldiers listening to their commanding officers, people respecting one another because their place told them so, because their society and very nature dictated that they needed to obey. Every single passing of time shows respect within a worldwide community, and yet, for each show of companionship, there are just as many occasions that show a lack of respect from any one person or group of people. Political uprisings, wars, fighting, speaking out, disobeying someone higher up, all these things have been put into play over and over again throughout history. They repeat and continue to repeat, because the act of losing respect, of shifting emotions to a different area and method of loyalty, keeps everything going.

I am a man who commands respect from people, because I have worked very hard to get it. During my life, I have never slacked off or stopped working hard to achieve my full potential. I take no particular favour to anyone who doesn’t at least try their best, because it is not a very difficult thing to do, really. I have worked my whole life to have people respect me as they do now. I am now a Supervisor, I lead a team of people who look to me for instruction. If need be, I teach them what they should know, and under any circumstance, I make sure that they don’t make mistakes. My team respects me because I am the type of person who commands it of them, because I have the knowledge to have earned respect from my fellow co-workers. I do things by the rules, and because I follow the rules, I succeed.

I command respect, and in society as a whole, many people command various different types of respect based on their standing within a certain hierarchy, whether it be social, familial or work related. Respect is vital to the functioning of society at large, because most, if not all of society has to function within a certain order to make life function smoothly. I respect the rules, I respect my superiors, I respect my subordinates and the people around me. I am a public servant, and people rely on me to do my job. Because I do my job, people respect me, and because their do their jobs, I respect them.

Although there are many contributing factors to why crimes are committed, lack of respect is one of them. Although some people can’t avoid having accidents, such as being on the receiving end of a rogue car, people who murder with intent and conscious thought, do have a choice to cause death. People who kill with intent, people who kill, flout the laws of common decency, of respect and order. They show that they have no respect for the law, no respect for their fellow human, for anything they have been raised to believe, or not believe, for that matter. To kill, for human beings is the ultimate form of disrespect to one another. We do not kill each other for meat, we do not kill each other for anything, full stop, in a normal and reasonable world. However, even in somewhere like Las Vegas, where war is only criminal activity, and not a major documented event, people kill each other. I have killed people in the course of my job, when they threatened my life or the lives of others. As for the rest of the world, not all things are normal or reasonable, not everyone has respect for everything, as this fact, this state of being, is simply not possible for anyone, or everyone.

As a race, we kill because we, as intelligent creatures, have lost respect for something or someone. We may kill for necessity, for saving lives and helping to prevent disaster, but procedural, legal killing in the eyes of the law, pales in comparison to people who kill for lack of respect. Killing occurs because people lose control, and because they lose respect. If it didn’t happen, I wouldn’t have a job, but death by murder or by unavoidable accident, is a fate I wish on no one. I have seen death far too up close to use it as a mental harm wish against even my greatest enemy. I respect people, I work hard, and I am respected back by those same people, whoever they are and whatever walk of life they come from. Respect is that simple. Respect and be respected back, and always, always ,allow exceptions, because not all things will ever fit any two moulds. I respect, and I live, I live, and I am respected. There is nothing more to it.

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