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Theatrical Muse: Week 232: Question 232

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 800

Is there a situation where it's appropriate to be unkind?

There are many situations where it is appropriate to be unkind or harsh, and just as many where it is not the desired or socially correct course of action. Of course it is largely dependent on the type of person, their values, their nature, their thoughts, upbringing and social culture, as to where certain lines are drawn. As such, the deciding of what is appropriate, and what is not, can be said to be a fluid one. However, the norms of society are the same, or at least, are similar, in many places around the world. I will stick with what I know, but don’t you dare correct me, because, to be honest, what I say and what I speak of, are right, for me and my life, as far as I am concerned. No namby pamby, wishy washy argument is going to change my mind otherwise.

In the course of my job, as a public servant, I am called on to take courses of action that will differ in description, according to the circumstances. If I have to sound angry, if I have to put a menacing inflection into my voice in order to take control of a situation, and to get the information that I need, then that it what I will do. I will always do what is by the rules, and what is needed of me in the situation, but that does not mean that the rules can not be bent, and it certainly does not rule out harshness and pressure to elicit the real truth. I do not physically harm people in the course of my work, as that is against the law, let alone the predefined guidelines, but I still know various ways of soliciting the truth from people who can best be described as, scum.

Sometimes, yes, it is necessary and acceptable, to be unkind to someone. There are some people who do not deserve extreme kindness, and there are certain people who would remain in the same state of being and living, regardless of how they are treated. For example, I am not kind to Grissom, and neither is he kind to me, and this shared animosity has lasted for many years. However, if I started acting kindly, if I started liking him, which is a remote possibility to say the least, he would not change for the better because of it. He would still get emotionally involved, he would still waste time, and I doubt whether he would regard me in any different light even if I did start treating him differently in the first place.

Society dictates that people, generally, ought to be kind and giving individuals, willing to help or lend a hand when it is applicable to them, or when it is necessary for them to do so. I work with killers, with death and dying every single day of my work life, and even when I do not work, I still deal with it. Death, and those who create death, does not bring out the kindness in good people towards the bad. I process criminals, crime scenes and evidence for a living, and I am not always kind to criminal and colleagues alike. I do not have to be. In the case of criminals, I deal with them with procedure and procedural detachment, because it is not their tragedy I need to be concerned with, only the evidence that will support or conflict with what they have been accused of doing. With colleagues, I treat them with the needed and required amount of cordial, good nature, as per the guidelines of the crime lab, and of society at large.

I do not get attached to people. I do not make personal connections unless I need to, or unless it will be beneficial for me to have them somewhere else down the line. I am pleasant to people, or unkind to people, when I believe either course of action to be the correct and required one for the situation. I do not let my emotions control me, I, control them, and I, always act correctly in life. Yes, sometimes indeed it is the correct course of action to be unkind, as it is the appropriate situation to do so. Sometimes, it is not the appropriate situation, and thus, the way which a person or myself will deal with it, does change. As with many things in my life, and in my work, how I handle the situation and the people within it, will depend on the situation itself, and those very people. I always do what it appropriate for the situation, what is needed for the situation, and what is within the rules. There is no more argument to be said about the matter now, so piss off.

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