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Theatrical Muse: Week 220: Question 220

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 786

If you could buy a magic potion, what would it be?

The term magic potion denotes a lack of realism, and purely, of existing. To be magic, something can appear to be wondrous, or can do something wonderful. To be magic, something may solve a previously unsolvable problem, or make a complicated situation seem easier, or less troublesome. If a thing, a person, a situation, a setting, is magic, then there is something unique and special about whatever it is. Things can seem magical, and in one sense of the word, they are. But, talking about the other definition of magic, the one more closely linked to other words dreamed up by ages past, such as sorcery and witchcraft, now that is the definition I do not believe in. I do not believe that people can cast spells, or make magic potions, and can then, just make everything better. I am a man of science, of facts, of proving something to be real or possible in this known world. I am a man of science, but I am also a religious man, and for me, religion is not a question of proving the existence of God, or of saints or passages in a bible. I am smart, and for me, there is a separation between religion and science. But both these things, still, both of them do not involve the magic that makes up so many types of fantasy books in bookstores and libraries.

Modern day society has passed by the stage at which the mainstream group of people believe in the power of supposed magical acts. These thoughts faded away when people begun to question the sensibility of persecuting alleged witches and warlocks who were meant to have been in commune with the devil. An unquestionable sensibility has taken over most of the minds of people nowadays, because we are so much more informed than we were back then. I am one of those people. If I had been born in that time, where magic was believed to be real and possible, because it was the only hope a vulnerable world had, then maybe I would believe in it, as I would have been raised that way. However, I am from this time and place in history, and, as such, I do not, because I was raised with a modern day sensibility. I am a scientist, I prove things to be plausible or implausible, possible, unlikely, or impossible. I do not resort to the belief in the ability of fantasy magic when things go wrong. I live in the world of the real, of the factual, not in the world of science fiction or fantasy.

In history, magic has been used to explain away things people are not yet capable of realising. In ancient Greek culture, their mythology, their gods, goddesses, their messengers and minions, were used to explain away why earthquakes happened, why people died, why people succeeded or didn’t succeed. Sure, not everything could be explained away, but, in the end, the gods could be used to explain a lot of things that the people of the day didn’t know about. Today, I know that plates within the earth cause earthquakes, I know that storms are weather disturbances, and that my own success, is left only up to myself and how much I desire to work hard and succeed.

I have no need for magic in my life, because I live in the world of the real. What can be explained, can be explained with scientific knowledge or through thorough thought, and what can’t be understood, can be left, and possibly be worked out at a later time. I do not need fantasy magic in my life, there is no place for it, and no want for it either. Every now and then, I will see a magical sunset, a magical picture in a newspaper, things that are rich in beauty or have been created with much talent. By no means, though, will there ever be any fantasy magic in my life. I live life, as it is, with my science and with my faith. I need, I require, and I want, nothing more than science and faith. Magic does not come into the equation.

Besides, even if fantasy magic was possible, even if potions could be made without science and microorganisms in mind, if spells could be cast, nothing could ever fix me. I do not want to change myself, after all, so I have no need for the belief in the imaginary, or in a fantasy world. I am happy as I am, happy with who I am and with what, over the years, I have become. I do not need magic in my life. I do not need to be fixed.

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