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Theatrical Muse: Week 212: Question 212

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 669

What event do you wish you could have been a "fly on the wall" for?

There are many opportunities where it would have been more beneficial to my investigation or my circumstance, to have been a fly on the wall. Do you think I am going to give you an obvious answer, though, the obvious answer? Of course you do, and, of course, that answer is not one I am particularly regular with giving away, or sharing. I am a private man after all. So, I give you, something else, another circumstance where it may have been useful to have an extra set of ears and eyes in the room. But it is not my first answer. You do not deserve that.

The conversations of dead men and women do not exist, because they are dead. The last time I checked, there wasn’t a scientifically proven way of speaking to the dead, so there is the impossibility, in itself, a mere imaginary, illustrative whim. I would, in some circumstances, find it useful pertaining to an investigation, to have heard the conversations between certain people, preceding a death, whether my homicide, suicide or accident. To know the details of a conversation preceding a death is information, that, in some lines of thought, could prove quite useful to some investigations. As I have discovered, murders, particularly those classified as crimes of passion, will usually, be quite brash and immediate in nature. Often, they are not premeditated, and are more pronounced in their impulsiveness. In these circumstances, as with other cases of murder, it would be useful to know what was said before the actual killing and consequential death, occurred. The reason is, if known, it would be vital evidence, possibly, in proving guilt or innocence. However, since rarely are the last strings of words uttered by victims and their overbearing criminals, actually recorded, then this is merely a thought, or an expansion on a set of thoughts.

To be a fly on the wall insinuates an ability to transcend the normal confines of reality, or everyday life. Yes, I have been a fly on the wall, I have, in my time as a CSI, worked with some undercover investigations and some babysitting operations. In some cases, I have listened in on rooms that have been bugged with listening or camera devices, and in turn, I have been able to help prevent a crime, or prevent the further spread of criminal activity. However, truthfully, being able to be a fly on the wall whenever I desired, is not a quality in life that is appealing to me, as it goes against the natural grace of things. Society as I know it, has manners for a reason, so that most of civilisation, during the course of most of their natural life, will behave in a manner that is acceptable, that does not intentionally harm anybody without due course or reason. Manners are needed for the sake of general peace and goodwill between people, and, consequently, these manners, do not involve listening in on people without proper reasoning and in some cases, explicit permission from the parties, or the legal bodies, that are involved in the matter.

I am a private man, and a private person in whole. I keep to myself when I am not at work, and I try to not unnecessarily listen in on the private conversations of people, especially where I am not needed. While I do, on occasion, simply listen to people out and about, conversing, it is not a habit I engage in regularly, especially as most people, generally, outside of the crime lab, say very little that ever interests me in very much, in very detailed terms. No, I am a happy man, I keep to myself, I have proper manners, I am educated and I behave. If I take on the role of a fly on the wall, then it will be where I am explicitly needed, and only, only, after I have gone through the proper channels and methods of investigation beforehand. Nothing more than that, no, nothing ever more.

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