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Theatrical Muse: Week 207: Question 207

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 785


I am a Crime Scene Investigator, and because of that role, I am also a public servant, whose duty it is to help and protect the public by doing my job properly, thoroughly, and efficiently. There are no excuses, in my line of work, to be disorganised, or inefficient, because that can put whatever case is being worked on, at risk. To lose control, in my job, and in my very line of work, is to, most likely, lose the job itself. When I work, in my hands I have vital evidence, essential clues and pieces of information that have been fractured into tiny pieces, which, if looked at incorrectly, or with haste, can not be put back together again into something that resembles cohesiveness. If I lost control over a case, over the evidence, or even over the tools I investigate the case with, then I am putting the case itself, into danger. To become disorganised, to lose control while investigating the death or accidental harm of someone, or even just a robbery, is to let down the very people I seek to help every single day I drive out to, and work on, a crime scene. If I wasn’t helping these people, if I was in such a state that I could not help them, just by doing my job, then my job wouldn’t be worth doing, because the point would be irretrievably lost.

To lose control in modern day society, is an action not taken lightly. The world is far from perfect, as is the human race, and while it has always been this way, this tug and pull of good and evil, for as long as history has passed by, technology has advanced quite a lot. While men once were hit with bows and arrows, whereas those weapons and others like them, were the most advanced of their day, they have now been made futile, and many have opted for deadly items of a more complex nature. Yes, while many of the murders I investigate are still committed by blunt, heavy objects used as clubs, or sharp knives or implements used to stab, guns are now available. There are flammable fluids able to be bought from gas stations, and small , easily pocketed sources of flame. As forensics has progressed in its inherent complexity and use of current scientific knowledge and technology, people have found new and more easily accessible ways to murder each other. Sure, there are still methods, hanging, stabbing, hitting, that have lasted the test of time, but the crimes themselves, as time has progressed, have become more complex. I am never proud of this fact, because it means that each year, I will see some new, utterly horrific murder, committed by someone with hate and rage clouding their better judgement. I am not proud of this fact, nor the fact that nothing, hardly anything, surprises me anymore, but I accept it as a reality, and I deal with it in proper, due course. I do not lose control

To lose control in my job is to face not having a job anymore, and to lose control in society is to face something potentially horrible. If a person loses control to the point that they injure or kill someone else, then they may face jail time. Because society as everyone knows it, is a thing with horrible undertones, then we, as that society, have ensured that people who lose control, to such an extent that they do something terrible, are punished for their actions. Yes, many people hold the futile belief of an eventual, everlasting peace and sense of justice on Earth, but that is never going to happen. And so, we, we the human race, surround ourselves with laws and codes of conduct, because we fear losing control, and, upon that happening, we should, really, have control in place to put things in order again. The world, the human race itself, is all about order and control, all about the rules and dominations of society. Which, is fair enough, because I know, I believe strongly, that laws and rules are essential parts of life, no matter how trivial or small. However, when it all boils down to the very simple, end fact, that fact is that, control is essential, in whatever form it takes. I need control, I need order in my life, in order to keep my job, and people who commit crimes, well, they are punished by the controlling force of the states and of the nation. There is no escaping control, and this is a fortunate thing, because the world that I have seen and experienced, needs as much control as it can get.

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