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Theatrical Muse: Week 197: Question 197

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 862

Is there anyone in your life who you feel is exceptionally wise? Who, and how did you meet this person?

I met my aunt first, when I was a small baby, still in hospital, in fact, just born. Of course I don’t remember that. Apart from brief flickers of her face throughout early infancy, the first time I have a real memory of her, I must have been a couple of years old, before five, at least, but still, not young enough to be a squalling baby, an always needing infant. I was still small enough to be carried though, because I remember, my parents must have been busy, or wanting some time alone together, and she took me to the park for the day, and showed me the flowers, and pointed out birds that seemed to me great big moving masses across the sky. I recognised her face when she came through the front door, and later, when she held on to me, safely protecting me, I knew it was her. I knew it was someone comforting, that I could trust. And in time, I tried to call her many different names as I learnt to speak, because, really, she was an identifiable presence in my life.

The years passed, and I grew into a young boy, and then, my parents were murdered, and suddenly, she was forced into a position that family members are not put into all that regularly, in that she had a choice to become my guardian, or to let me over to foster care, or whatever would come, and lead her life as it had been, in a way, while watching me grow up from afar. Without question and regret, on her part, as she has always told me, she chose the first option, to become my parent, my guardian in life, and in the legal sense of the word. Once the papers were signed, and even just after the death of my parents, she became many things to me on that day. A confidant, a carer, a parent, a mother, a father, a friend, a steadfast presence, a wise and undoubtable spirit showing me that there was some justice in my world, which had just been cruelly torn apart. In one day, in one moment, my aunt became everything to me, because she saw that I needed her, and I knew, that she needed me.

In the years, in the decades that have passed by since the death of my parents, and the subsequent death, sometime later, of my wife, my aunt has always been there for me, and has always cared for me like I was her own child, even though she never married, or had children of her own. As she has told me, she never really had any intention of doing either, even before I was thrust upon her, because, life as it was, while my parents were alive, was happy enough for her, because she could spend it with the little family she had left. During the time since she became my carer and my guardian, and even during the time since I graduated from her playing that role in a stricter sense, my aunt has been a never ending source of wise sayings and realistic inspiration to me. She has been, and always will be, a very talented woman, who knows a lot of things instrumental to leading a good, responsible life.

My aunt is a wise person because she is a knowledgeable person, and also because she has a strong faith in God and the goodwill of most people. Despite all the death, suffering and pain we have witnessed together in our shared lives, she has never let it get her down to the point that it has stopped her in her tracks and prevented her from moving onwards, ever again. Instead, she lead her life, continued her life, and taught me many valuable lessons about family, and what it truly meant to have strength of character as well as inner and outer strength also. She made sure I had good manners and was well educated, she knew that I had been damaged, and never really questioned my lack of emotions, because she knew me so well, because she knew it was the only way I had to manage and deal with everything tragic that had gone on around me.

My aunt is wise, because she knows so many things, and has taught me many things in turn, during our shared lifetime together. I am forever grateful for this wise nature of hers, her continuing presence in my life, and her everlasting love and generosity. I owe my life as I know it, to my aunt, because she saved me from a fate that may have been far worse than all the sadness I have survived through, to the present date. My aunt saved me from being ever truly alone in this world, and I love her dearly. She is a wise woman, simply because, she is wise, and there is never, and has never been, any reason to question her immense love and knowledge. She has been my greatest friend and companion in life, and I am ever grateful for her continued love, and our strong, impenetrable, relationship.

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