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Theatrical Muse: Week 23: Question 23

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 346

What would constitute a "perfect" evening for you?

Critically my evenings have been the same since birth with the exception that, as I grew older some things contained in them changed but nothing to drastic as there is still a simple decades old plan to them. Without order there is chaos and since I am ordered, unlike some other people, I have managed to avoid disaster in living because of this. Here is a basic plan of my evening. Perfect because it is set out in an orderly, concise and proper fashion. It’s in UMT so get used to it.

1755 Hrs: Collect both personal and work related items.
1800 Hrs: Sign “clock” out of work and walk to car.
1802 Hrs: Unlock car, get in and drive out of car park before driving towards home.
1820 Hrs: Possible delay due to Traffic: Arrive at house, collect possessions and get out of car.
1825 Hrs: Lock car, collect mail, walk inside and deposit items in appropriate places.
1830 Hrs: Prepare washing machine, put necessary clothing items in and switch on.
1845 Hrs: Prepare clothing and possessions for next day and dress into home attire.
1900 Hrs: Put washing into dryer and watch 1900 Hrs news.
1930 Hrs: Prepare meal for dinner.
1950 Hrs: Eat meal with a glass of water.
2005 Hrs: Finish meal, wash up and clean away plates, cup and other utensils.
2020 Hrs: Collect Newspaper from mailbox, turn on sprinklers and water other plants.
2035 Hrs: Go inside with newspaper, make coffee.
2040 Hrs: Switch of sprinklers.
2045 Hrs: Sit down on couch in living room, read Newspaper and drink coffee.
2115 Hrs: Wash cup, take shower, change into night attire and brush teeth.
2130 Hrs: Watch the 2130 Hrs news.
2200 Hrs: Go to bed with book, turn on bed side lamp and read.
2230 Hrs: Place book on bed stand, take clothes out of dryer and fold before packing clothing away in draws and closet.
2240 Hrs: Go to toilet, return to bed, pick up book and read.
2300 Hrs: Switch off bed side lamp and go to sleep.

Like any god given person I do change this schedule sometimes and when the time is optimal I do go out but essentially I do the same thing and it suites me fine because nothing will go or ever has gone wrong with it.

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