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Theatrical Muse: Week 174: Question 174

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 1135

Would you ever kill a human being (or if you are not human - would you ever kill a being from your own species?).

That’s a stupid question. Within justifiable reason, I will kill someone. When I work, I have a gun with me, and I am proficiently trained to use it to injure or kill if necessary, if needed. I follow the rules and regulations of my job, but if it is in my best interest to protect someone at threat, and I have the best position to take the shot, then, by all means, I will. Whether or not I shoot to kill, is again, dependent on how much time I have, what position I’m in, how close the suspect is to the person they are trying to put in danger, and how close the suspect is to actually shooting this person. I will not immediately shoot a man holding a gun to a person’s head, if I think that he can be talked out of shooting, but I will shoot if he is threatening to, if he is going to, if he looks like he is about to do something to put that other person to harm.

The man stood, earmuffs over his ears, gun raised. He squared his shoulders, set his frame in the right stance, and aimed his shot. He called it out for the convenience of the tech nearby, and stated to fire. Bang. Bang. Bang. Three shots, each with only a brief break of mingled silence, before the assumed peace was disrupted by a loud crack. Three bullets ripped into the paper target hung from the ceiling. The first was a little off to the left, but the last two were closer to the middle because he had adjusted himself slightly after the first shot, sensing a slight feeling of being just out of place.

I will not kill an innocent man, woman or child. Unless someone is committing an act that could immediately put my life or the life of another person, or even people, in danger, then of course I will not shoot them. If they are doing something that may harm themselves within the next couple of minutes, then there have been circumstances where I have shot a person like that, or have seen them be shot. What a lot of people don’t understand is that, with a lot of law enforcement shootings, we shoot to disarm, to disable, not to kill. There are those situations, however, that call for a shot that will probably be fatal, and nothing about that can really be helped.

Negotiations were all very well, but he had tried talking, he had tried, reasoning, talking things through in a logical order. None of it, really and truly, seemed to work. If it wasn’t lowered, which it was not, the gun seemed more firmly pressed against the woman’s neck than it had been before. The man yelled, and yelled, and complained, and shouted, and he listened to all of it, waiting, gun raised, waiting, and still talking, always talking. And then, just then, when the man, the hostage taker, began to squeeze the trigger in earnest for the first time, in that split second, he let off one shot. It leapt into his neck, and the man crumpled and fell and died. Ecklie looked at the body afterwards, and reasoned that the neck was the only available place at the time; the rest had been shielded by the woman’s body. And even then, he had been lucky. And so, he went and signed the appropriate papers, did the appropriate talks, and then went back to being normal.

I don’t condone reckless gun violence, or shooting people without a reason, whether it is intended to harm or to kill. I do value human life, because I am a human and I am, quite obviously, living. I try what I can in a hostage situation, or on an occasion where a suspect is threatening his or her own life, and if it comes to the point where I shoot my gun, then so be it. Don’t think I’m complacent, though, I am just trying to explain the situation properly. I will not harm another person if I can help it, if I think the situation can be resolved in any of a number of ways. But if those ways fail, and the lie of myself or another person is in immediate danger, then I’ll do what I must, and that is a simple fact. Sure, afterwards, I apologise to the family, I do what I need to do, and I stay in work thinking about it and making sure I was right. I do not take the ending of another life by my hands, a very light matter. I take it seriously, and even if I think about it for a bit in the evening, at home while I’m eating dinner or watching the news, it ends there. In my life, during the course of my job, I have killed more than one person in the line of duty. All the people I have shot dead, or injured through shooting, have been instances where I was clearly justified in taking the course of action, the appropriate course of action, that I eventually took. Make no mistake, I don’t shoot without a reason, I never have, and never will.

The simple fact is, that, yes, if the situation requires it, I am prepared to shot for my defence, or the defence of others. I have killed, and, if I had to, tomorrow, I would not hesitate in shooting someone to hurt or kill them, as long as it was appropriate, as long as it was needed, and was, indeed, the only avenue left that has any possibility, any chance, of working. I will do what is needed, as it is needed, and those are the things that people need to understand. I am not reckless, I am not irresponsible, I follow precautions, rules and guidelines. I do what is right, and if that involves taking another life, then so be it. While I care, about the lives that I have helped end, the people I damage as a result, it is something I can leave behind, because I was just doing my job, I was, in that circumstance, in the right. In those situations, I have done what I have done, because the situation required it, and there was no possible alternative. Nothing else can, or has been able to, change that, ever. People who handle guns must use them according to the law, and I do just that. I always have, and always will, until a point at which I leave my job, retire, and am no longer permitted to take the actions I am able to do at the present moment. I do what is proper, I do what is right, and nothing changes that, ever.

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