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Theatrical Muse: Week 166: Question 166

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 610

Do you believe in ghosts?

I do not believe in ghosts, I do not believe in aliens, I do not believe in the paranormal or the make believe. I live in the world of the real, not the world of fantasy or science fiction, where people whizz about in spaceships. See, the thing is, I am a person who has his life grounded in realism, in what is factually real, what can be seen, touched and experienced by the other senses. While working a case, I do not day dream, because I do not day dream full stop. I can not afford to dilly dally on unnecessary things, I can not afford, and nor do I want to, concentrate on things that aren’t real and pertinent to my life and my work in general. If other people want to, then that is their choice as a being with a free will, but I am not going to be included in that subarea of the human world.

On television, I watch fictional shows. I read fictional books, and, believe it or not, I have an imagination. In my work, I need to have an imagination. I need to have an imagination because I am required to think up possibly, hypothetical situations, so as to work towards solving a murder. It is all very well saying a person was killed with a knife, but a scientist such as myself, would discover this and then hypothesize the way in which the person was killed with a knife. If we thought they were stabbed, we would then back up these hypotheses by identifying the wounds on the body as stab wounds. If they were shot, we would hypothesize with what kind of gun they were shot with, and how far away the gun was, and then back it up with fact. As a CSI, I can not explain the exact driving force behind murder. I can not pinpoint the exact place in time where an otherwise normal individual decides to kill a hooker, or why someone who has a more concrete intent to murder, has become so violent. I can not give a word by word, literal description of a dead person’s dying moments, but I can make a hypothesis, and prove it with evidence, and show the family, or the boss, or the lover or the friend, how the person they liked or loved, died. I can not be one hundred percent exact, but I try my hardest to prove what I think has happened, and to comfort those who are affected by the situation and circumstance.

Real life, is about the judgements and choices we make, and the actions and emotions that follow them. I work as a public servant, and in my work as a public servant, I have to use a multitude of talents and knowledge, from my imagination, to my knowledge of chemicals and wound types. I need to remember the rules and regulations of my job, but I can not lose my ability to think of the possibilities that could have occurred and resulted in a homicide. If I lost my imagination, if I could no longer think how, and where, and when, then, I would, most certainly, lose my job. I do not, however, need to waste my imaginative abilities on the likes of the unlikely ever to occur in real life, fictional subjects of ghost, ghouls and spaceships. It’s all very nice for TV psychics to draw in money by wasting people’s time talking to air, but it’s not something I like, or want to indulge in, and I have never, and will never, ever, want to do so, in complete.

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