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Theatrical Muse: Week 151: Question 151

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 560

The moral of the story is...

The moral of the story is, to never be weak. In weakness, a person risks themselves, risks the pain of weakness eating away at all their strengths. In weakness, a person’s vulnerability, their vulnerable spots, are shown, and, they can be wrecked, can be destroyed, by what is seen, by what is then done to them, and how they are affected by it. I don’t show weakness, I am never vulnerable, never left vulnerable, and I never will be, nor have I ever been, in such a state of being. If I was weak, if I had ever been weak, just for a moment, I would probably be some sort of quivering mess in a mental institution.

What most people don’t understand is, that, to survive, what I have, indeed, survived, there is no other emotion available except strength. I could not allow weakness. Oh sure, if my parents had been killed in a hit and run, or, had died in an unpreventable plane crash, different things would have been said. People would have said how it couldn’t have been prevented, how it couldn’t have been expected, or seen, or, anything. But they weren’t, they were murdered, killed, and things, could have been done, to prevent it. At their funeral, on top of saying, how tragic it was, people also wondered, in hidden whispers, as to who could have done more to have stopped it from occurring. It doesn’t matter which way they died, however, because the emotional reaction still needed to be, and would have been, the same for me. I had to be strong in the face of death, because, I could not afford to be weak.

The power of strength is undoubtable. Strength can only be weakened by weakness, by allowing weakness to seep into strength, poisoning it, rotting it from the inside out. If weakness is not allowed, then strength can be maintained at an indefinite level, for an indefinite period. I could not allow weakness all those years ago, and now, I still can not afford to have it, to be weak, in any way. I can not risk falling apart, and losing all that I have worked so hard to gain, and maintain, in my life. The moral of the story is, to never be weak. The story of the shared lives of humanity, show that, weakness, has been our continual undoing. I do not think all people, can, or are possible, of being continually strong, though, mind you. I don’t think, that strength is the right answer for any one person, no, no, nothing like that. For me, however, weakness is an impossible feeling, an impossible emotional state of being. This is because, years ago, the two people I love the most were murdered violently, in the house I continue to live in. Then, years later, so was my wife. I gave up my ability to be weak many decades ago, and I doubt, whether it will ever be possible for me to be weak, like some people are, like some people, can be, ever, in my lifetime. The moral of my story, while it may not be so for others, while it may not be true, for others, is, to never be weak. Being weak, results in weakness, and the lack of strength, and I can simply never be like that, ever.

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