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Theatrical Muse: Week 21: Question 21

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 543

What is good and what is evil?

I could say Grissom is evil, but somehow, I really don’t think he even deserves such a credible title, we’re CSI’s, were meant to solve crimes not get personally involved with them. Frankly, the man elevates the status of the lab and that’s that. His social skills are positively idiotic, how he actually gets himself anywhere in press releases I have yet to sit down and work out. My team is still the more successful out of the two, we follow a strict open, solve and snap shut procedure which leaves absolutely no time for anything extra like, oh, let’s say, perusing personal relationships with a hooker. That stokes is more trouble than he’s worth and the same goes for Brown, Sidle, Willows, the whole lot of them.

But, back to evil, by dictionary definition it is straight flat something that is morally bad or wrong. I have to say, I agree. What I deal with every day is evil, murdering someone, committing an act of homicide is morally wrong. It is not by any means a morally right thing to kill people for anything in any way shape or form. Yes, there are exceptions, but those exceptions, like turning off life support or stem cell research are for the betterment of others or the person being exterminated. It is no use to a brain dead, fully paralysed person to continue living with no chance of ever waking up again to live when there is no reason. The same goes for the aforementioned research, highly controversial I know but, it is for the betterment of society. If scientists could unlock the key to a better way of life for the victims of the cruel acts of the world such as car accidents, attacks or accidental self inflicted wounds then it is in my opinion and surely many others that it is worth using what is needed to achieve that goal. There are untold results it could have, improvement of the quality of life and all that sick stirring crap.

As for what is good. Well, again, back to the dictionary because it is concrete known facts and I’d rather use that because I don’t have time to give you my own definitions. The dictionary defines good as a valuable, or useful part or aspect. Once again, I agree with this on the basis that if I do I can finish this off and move on with my life. Good is what I do, I do good by solving the crimes accurately and not altering evidence. I have to honour the rules of CSI everyday when I go to work to do this “good”. I keep doing this “good” by further more solving the case, or like I said solving the crime. Good is done to the families of the victim or victims because of my actions. I could go on forever about the aspects of this “good” but once again I will not. Good is precisely the definition, it is valuable because it is for the betterment of something, it is useful because it does something for the betterment of something and it is useful because of the combined parts and aspects of what goes into making something deemed with the title good.

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