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Theatrical Muse: Week 2: Question 2

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 309

What is your New Year's Resolution?

Please, what do you think I am? Some fresh young college graduate who thinks that because he has given himself goals he is going to get somewhere? I give myself goals, namely to get through the shift without getting my head blown off. I also take a shot of brandy on my day off, wash my socks and keep my desk tidy. One thing I do not do is give myself false hopes, if I’m going to expect something, make a “resolution” I have to have fact behind it, absolute confirmation that it will occur. There would be no use making this half witted promise to myself because firstly I don’t want to do it and secondly because things change. No matter how realistic the original “resolution” may be the variables pertaining to it over the space of a year are going to move, some will disappear and some, well, some will become useless.

I mean if it was a life or death situation and god forbid I don’t want to see the day when someone has their life threatened because they will not make a “New Year's Resolution” then I would make one. Something like, I want to breathe air for every day of the following year. It sounds stupid, surely, but nothing can change for that, the air that we breathe will not change into hydrogen and I will not become a fish. Now that is explained, It is simple, I do not make myself false promises that I know I can not keep, if I have to expect anything I try to expect the worse because then I will not be disappointed. Now really, if we all gave ourselves these blasted “resolutions”, no matter how much good will or cheer involved it would be and still is a meaningless and useless waste of perfectly good time.

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