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Theatrical Muse: Week 269: Question 269

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 759

Write about a time you were outsmarted.

I have never been outsmarted, not truly outsmarted in the strictest sense, as I always try to maintain some idea about the situations, both professional and personal, that are happening right underneath my nose. I do, however, outsmart people, such as Grissom, on regular occasions, because they get too caught up in one particular area of work, one investigation or line of inquiry, to see much of anything else that is going on around them. A similar situation has actually happened with Gil and Sara, she outsmarted him and left this place, but apparently that has been put on the backburner for the time being. The exact reasons are largely unbeknownst to be, but I can hazard a guess I presume is fairly accurate. Grissom himself, could not handle it, and I have had, in the past, reasonable doubts about Sidle’s state of mind and her ability to apply herself to something, that for some reason, she may desire.

In my line of work, there are often two sides that belong to it. There is one side of work containing office politics, public opinion and sheer appearance. For people not used to success in the workplace, this is the realm that they are often missing out on, because while a job should be considered on knowledge and skill, in a job such as mine, it helps greatly if you are already considered in a certain light by many other people. The other side of my job is glaringly obvious, of course being the collection of knowledge and the application of what has been learned, in order to allow be to perform my duties correctly. It is knowledge and awareness that make up a good worker, and similarly, if they apply such methods to life, then the overall result is usually of a beneficial nature to them. To not be fooled or outsmarted, a person must be aware of both sides and things, of the opinions and the knowledge that build up not only who they are, but what they will eventually become.

There are some people who consider murder the ultimate act of betrayal from one person to another. A large amount of murders are simply that, homicides, one person killing another for whatever reason that possesses them at the time, usually money, drugs or sex, mainly in that order. It may be a betrayal of normal codes of conduct, as well as an act of social injustice, yet while you can hark all the bleeding hearts you want to the masses and scores of those who might give a crap, it will still happen tomorrow. Murder may be betrayal, but at the baseline, it is one person outsmarting another person, having something they do not, or doing something that they are eventually powerless to resist.

If murder is basically someone outsmarting another person, then the family, the people most closely related to the victim, if they didn’t incite the murder, weren’t related to anything that caused it, then surely they must have been outsmarted as well? No, not when they could not control the situation, no, they are not, because there was no war of words, no arguments that they did or could have done to cause or prevent anything. I suppose, then, if you must, you can draw a conclusion out of that, pitilessly hopeless as it is.

In my job, I am not outsmarted because I am aware of how people consider me, as well as the knowledge that I contain within myself. In my personal life, I am not outsmarted because there is no one who, honestly, wants to incite a race of opinions and words against me. Maybe, a long time ago, if you look through rose tinted glass, maybe I was outsmarted, because I know I could have done something to prevent the tragedy wrought against my person, yet, being that I didn’t, then the situation comes to a standstill, doesn’t it? I could have done something, but circumstance, mere flickers of need, desire and planning, the pretence infrastructure that makes up many murders and of course, life itself, saw that I was pleasantly out of the way at the time. Some might take that as a sign, but I do not. Many years ago now, I should have been outsmarted and killed. Being that I survived, I will never ever let myself be outsmarted, as long as I live, because no one should have the right to destroy and blight away all that I have worked towards, and obtained during my career.

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