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Theatrical Muse: Week 19: Question 19

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 307

What's better: democracy or monarchy?

A democracy is better as opposed to a monarchy because a democratic nation such as the widely successful and prosperous nation of America functions better than a place under a monarchic rule. This is because a democracy is better for the people, no matter how equally good a well behaved monarchic reign may be, a democratic one is for the people and by the people that it has jurisdiction over. A monarchy is headed by a ruler, one who reigns over a state or territory, often for life, usually by hereditary right, whereas a democracy is headed over by a leader who has been elected by the people by a regulated and ordered system of voting.

I would rather my country did not have a leader who gained his or her position by hereditary rights but on rather on what they promise, before election, to do for the people that they are striving to be leader of and furthermore if elected who would act on their words. This is because the leader of a democracy has fairly received the majority of the votes, the votes being the preferences of the people, while a monarchy has a ruler that is not voted on and who just gains their position. Even though that ruler does not have absolute power over the country unless something on a major scale happens it is always going to be the same monarchic family, ruling over the same country. Unlike a monarchic leader, the democratic leader every few years is subject to change, after a vote, for better or for worse and through the years many different people will be the leader of the country under that particular democratic rule. In my case I can always know there will be a fair system and a fair president of America because of this fair democracy.

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