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Theatrical Muse: Week 229: Question 229

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 811

If you could get anyone drunk, who would it be and what would you do?

I don’t get drunk, and I have never, and will never, intentionally get someone else drunk. I believe in responsible drinking, so, while I do not abstain from drinking alcohol, when I do chose to do so, I drink responsibly. Brandy or whiskey, with ice, in a shot glass. One or two glasses and I am happy to leave it at that, because, while I could drink myself to a stupor, I see no reason in doing so, as it is irresponsible and hazardous to my health. Being a CSI is a multifaceted job, and I have become used to going out to social dinners to work politics with my colleagues and my superiors, or other honoured guests. I know the etiquette of dining, of social responsibility and appropriate behaviour, and I use this knowledge appropriately, and accordingly. If there is a toast, I make sure my glass is full, and I raise it, then, I drink.

However, as a CSI, I have seen a wide variety of causes of death. I have seen people off their face on illicit drugs, alcohol, over the counter pills, or eve all three, do sad, weird things, bad and awful things, which sees them end up dead as a result. More often than not, these people take along one or more others with them, simply because, they are so wrecked, so out of control, to the point where they take risk, and don’t even act as if anyone or anything else, exists, lives, or breathes. I have worked cases where drunk drivers have just careened off a road and crashed their cars, killing themselves and themselves only. I have also worked cases where they have killed other people in the process, sometimes whole families, or whole cars of buses full of people. Just because they are drunk, just because they were that irresponsible that they let themselves get that drunk, and didn’t seek help, or a place to rest for the time period until they were sober again.

No matter how a person may argue, no matter what they blame, if they were drunk when they committed a crime it, it is still their fault, and their fault only, for placing themselves in such a position, in the first place. However, I still know that many reasonable people, when drunk, do terrible things, actions that they would normally find atrocious. Even if the person is not a shining example of a responsible, well acting human being, I have still seen, with my very own eyes, the influence that alcohol can have on the human body and mind. The alcohol is not to blame for what people do while they’re drunk, irresponsible in nature or not, but it sure puts them in a state where they can do stupid things, and in a position where it helps to make them do stupid things, the ramifications of which are often, terrible.

In my life, I have never been drunk, nor do I wish to make anyone else drunk through my direct or indirect actions. I have been perfectly able to live and enjoy my life without the poisoning influences of alcohol and the drunken stupor it can cause when consumed in excess. As far as I’m concerned, I can happily live the rest of my life without drinking myself to oblivion, and, as such, I will do so, and in doing so, I will continue to drink responsibly. I don’t need alcohol to enjoy myself, or to be a better person, as I am the best person I can be already. Sure, I enjoy a drink every now and then, and I do own a few nice bottles of whiskey, brandy and wine, but that’s about it. I don’t drink on the days I work, and not anytime before the day I am to work. I make sure I eat, or have recently eaten when I drink, and I never drive drunk. I have seen before my very eyes, the horrors and horrific crimes that can be enacted by those who have succumb to the influence, and I, in no way, ever desire to be like them, ever. As long as I live, I will drink, and drink responsibly, without ever consuming alcohol in excess. Alcohol, after all, is a thing to enjoy, to savor and taste, and drinking it is an activity to enjoy as well, and one to always, always, do responsibly and appropriately. I will not change that for myself, or someone else, ever. I am a public servant and a CSI, I would never intentionally harm or put a person in harm’s way, especially by getting them drunk. This is so, because I have chosen to be a responsible citizen, and not a potential detriment to society, and especially not the cause of large amounts of harm to myself, or to others.

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