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Theatrical Muse: Week 182: Question 182

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 657

You've just won an award! What would it be and why?

When I think about it, I have received many awards during my career as a criminalist. All of them I have received as a result of large amounts of hard work, dedication, attention to detail, and utter commitment to my job, and all the aspects that surround, and are contained within, it. As such, I have worked my way up the ranks of the crime lab ladder, and now, I am the Dayshift supervisor. I command a team, I give out orders, and I sort out issues. In doing so, I do my job, and I do my job well, because I am doing what I have been trained to do. I am working from what I have learnt from others, and what I already know, and this, is a collective knowledge which I am always working in, in order to improve and better it. This is how I function as a worker, and as an educated man, and it is a way of being that I would hope many others who work alongside me, may operate under. Even though that is true, in some respects, I still see the same mistakes happen again and again, on occasion.

When I sit at my desk and look at all the awards I have won, I can reflect back on a job well done and a duty well preformed. I can look at what good I have done in the course of doing my job, and see how I have succeeded. I don’t see the mistakes that I’ve made, because my triumphs far outweigh any minor slip ups or mishaps that have surrounded my working. On the off chance that I make a mistake, I always repair the situation, or try to repair it, immediately, to prevent any further discontent.

The thing is, late at night, my awards still matter to me. I treasure each and every one of them, even the ones I have won after Michelle died, because, I know, I just know, that she would still be proud of me. They all mean a lot to me, and, I remember each and every moment where I was given one, but, the instances where she was there to share the happiness with me, are, in some ways, more shining. Perhaps, one or two of them, are even clearer than some others, because, for those instances, I still remember the taste of the meal we ate that night, the crunch of the biscuits and coffee we shared afterwards as we watched the news, rejoicing in our quiet jubilation. We had rice, and beef and black beans one night, with copped upped vegetables. The beans and carrots were fresh, and the water we had was icy cold, with ice blocks, and a straw, because we were feeling silly. We were, being foolish, carefree, gentle, in love.

There is no doubt that, until I finish working and retire, I will continue to win awards, at some point or other in time. It is just a matter of fact, not one that I expect, but, one that I work towards in some way. I do not spend my time thinking about winning awards, no, I spend it on working, on solving crimes. Despite this, I still know, the likelihood of me being commended for some of my work, or, the way I have done my work. Seeing as, I am ordered, and, I work hard, then I am one of the likely candidates, and that is, simply, that. I focus on work, and working, and not on the hard plague or ornament of reward, of commendation. I do my job well, I do my job, correctly, and I take any accolades, awards, or commendations, in my stride, and, with pride, while still keeping my head firmly set on my shoulders. It is how I always have been, how I am now, and how I always will be, and that, is all.

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