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Theatrical Muse: Week 156: Question 156

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 732

If you could change one aspect of your society, what would it be?

I am not one for hypothetical questions that are not relevant to my everyday life, let alone life, and living, in general. Unless you are active in a cause, such as crime prevention, or the prevention of HIV, unless you actually get up and do something instead of just arguing and complaining, there is precious little that anybody, or any person, can change about society. I think people should, get involved with things that they care about, but that still doesn’t make possible, the society changing abilities of one sole person, that you seem to be changing about. Nobody can change something about society, just like that, because, often enough, most often enough, it takes long, hard work, over the course of many weeks, if not years. I do my part, by solving crimes, and although, it may not, adhere to that sometimes over glorified idea of crime prevention, I still consider myself to be helping to prevent crime in society. The better we get, the hope is, the less inclined people will be to commit crimes, because, then and there, they will know that they can get caught, with quite a lot of ease.

If you are going to force me to do this question, though, then I am not even sure I can provide you, with an absolutely appropriate answer. I have always believed that there can be no utopian world, no perfect plane of existence on which a person can live. The reason I choose to think like this, is because it is reality. I admit, it would be good to find a cure to cancer, to HIV, but even if we ever find these miraculous aids to the health of humanity, people are still going to get sick. If somebody found a way to actually slow the aging process, that might be nice, but people still need to, and still will, die. By no means, do I wish that people die unnecessarily, or that any person should suffer the pain of losing, but death is one of those factors in life, that should happen, and is, eventually, inevitable. One day, I will die, and, I get that, really I do. I get such a thing, I get, that, because, already, I have seen the death of so many others. Death, to me, now, is just a way of life, and, I expect, if and when I die, if, and when, I leave this tormented life of mine, I could consider my own death a reprieve of sorts, permission, really, for me, to finally let myself, allow myself, to rest. Don’t count me as sick or depraved, because I am not, but I have held the gun to my head a couple of times, because I wish so desperately for a quiet, peaceful, rest, and a break from my horrible world of pain and gore, death and depravity.

I would not remove death, because death is necessary and essential. I would not remove crime, because no one is perfect, and even though, that is, by far, no excuse for committing an illegal act, I still follow the no utopian world rule of mine. Nothing is perfect, and because nothing is perfect, we can never obliterate death, crime, or sickness, completely, no matter how hard we try. It is good, very good indeed, to try and fix these things, but, we can only do the best we can, and, even at our best, we can only lessen the suffering of the world, by fixing things, or aiding them in being fixed. Truly, we can never fix one problem, such as death, or crime, or sickness, because, we, just, can’t, because, it, is, impossible. Now fuck off, I’m finished with you and your pansy like hypothetical questions. We are finished now, end of story.

Hypothetical questions, in my mind, serve a good purpose, only when put in relation to science, and the solving of crimes. Hypotheses, about crime scenes, crimes themselves, experiments and investigations, are useful and essential for getting a good, tried, tested, and proven, end result. I do not like hypothetical questions, I do not like them at all, when they are being used in a silly, joking way. I never have, and never will, accept them as some sort of frilly fun time, joking activity. No, no, not, at, fucking, all. Now, piss, the, bloody, fucking, hell, off.

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