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Theatrical Muse: Week 15: Question 15

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 717

If you could change one moment in your past, what would it be?

There are two moments, in my past, that if I had to choose two I would change but given that this question states I may only one I will choose neither of them along with the fact that I do not entertain the idea of changing the past. Even if it was possible and I was given one or even two chances to do it, despite the fact I might want to in the deepest unconscious thoughts I still would not. Changing the past is a fickle thing for major events, if I changed major events in my life, in the not so long gone past or the even longer gone past then that would have an affect on events after that time, whether I like it or not. One simple description of the butterfly effect states that “The Butterfly Effect reflects how changes on the small scale affect things on the large scale. It is the classic example of chaos, as small changes lead to large changes.” So taking that into account along with the Chaos Theory itself it can then be applied to a person changing something that happens in their past. Along with the following definition of the Chaos Theory goes to prove my recent point and one I will make further on.

Chaos Theory:

Chaos theory describes complex motion and the dynamics of sensitive systems. Chaotic systems are mathematically deterministic but nearly impossible to predict. Chaos is more evident in long-term systems than in short-term systems. Behaviour in chaotic systems is aperiodic, meaning that no variable describing the state of the system undergoes a regular repetition of values. A chaotic system can actually evolve in a way that appears to be smooth and ordered, however. Chaos refers to the issue of whether or not it is possible to make accurate long-term predictions of any system if the initial conditions are known to an accurate degree.

Along with that definition of the Chaos Theory and the simplistic definition of the Butterfly effect it is a popular entertained thought that if a person goes back in time and backs a change to the past, then it will affect their future and that any change at all in the past creates a different future on a varying scale. A varying scale being that if a person goes back into the past and makes a change to it, that change can make a slight impact or greater one and a possible greater and greater affect further down the time line. Being armed with this knowledge is only a partial player in the making of my decision. I know that if I went back and changed something in the past willy nilly that it would affect that future in some way which could lead to a worse or better future for myself. The other part in making my decision is that, I am quite satisfied with my life right now, I am not such a pitifully sad person that I want to go back in time and make a change to it for my own personal and emotional gain. Yes, at times I do think that if something had happened possibly my life would be better off but I am soon to correct myself for such brainless thoughts.

With my job, changing the past could come in handy to some but not myself, if a person didn’t get murdered then that is one less person I have to deal with, if time travel could stop all murders then I would be out of a job. I like my work as a public servant, I find it satisfying. If a person lives in ifs and buts of their past then their time at the current moment will pass before them, if they travel back in time then it will still not change everything to the best way again for sadness will still happen, either way they would end up regretting either decision of living in the past or changing it. If I went back to change my own past there could be many cataclysmic things that could happen, being that I am quite satisfied with my current way of life I wouldn’t take the risk to go on such an idiotic venture let alone entertain the thought of it.

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