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Theatrical Muse: Week 132: Question 132

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 416

What makes you angriest?

Now? Many things. Back then? Many things. The world is a fucked up place, which I consider to be getting increasingly more depraved as each day passes by. Maybe I say that because I grew up in Las Vegas, where so many things are legal, or maybe it's because I'm a CSI. You know, it's probably a combination of those things, but with that, by convictions are based on fact and supported by life experiences.

The world makes me angry. I am a religious man, and as such, I have learnt the concept of there never being a utopian world, because nothing is ever, can never, and will never, be perfect. I think that is a true thing, that there can never be a utopian world, however, despite that, I still thing mankind should make the effort to make it better. And sure, there is effort, but it pales in comparison to what I see when I go to work everyday. I see strippers, raped and murdered, old ladies bashed up and left to die, young children left in cars by their treacherous, uncaring parents. I see people fuck up and cause the victim's family more undue unrest. I hate the world for all the evils it possesses, because, really, we're so advanced now, that there should be less crime, and, yet, there isn't. Such a thing can never happen, simply because, we are a progressing world. No longer does a man kill with his club, he can murder with his gun. For these sick people, with their ugly souls, there will always be a new possibility, a fresh path they can take, in order to commit homicide.

This evil world took away my parents, it took away my wife. Gradually, bit by bit, it takes away my aunt and, even, myself. We age, and eventually, if we are not killed prematurely, we will die. Natural death is not evil, but home invasion and homicide is. There is no greater evil than killing someone else, than murdering someone else in cold blood.

I hate the world because it is evil, because it is not correcting itself like it should, because it is saying fuck it to everything. It took away the very people, the very things, that gave me solace, and because of that, I will forever hate it. Because of those occurrences, I will forever hate life, and, sadly, and perhaps, stupidly enough, nothing can ever, and will never, cure that and make it better.

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