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Theatrical Muse: Week 127: Question 127

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 501

Describe a chance encounter that changed your life.

He could still remember her scent. Flowery, sweet, mixed with sweat brought forth by a hot Las Vegas sun. She smelt like everything, he suddenly realised, he desired. Hers was one of those smells that took his breath away and made him treasure every moment his olfactory senses spent with it.

He could still remember her face. Pale, just like his, but with this undeniable slight tan. Smooth and subtle, silk like and devoid of pimples that might have plagued her in her youth. He could only imagine what the rest of her skin might have felt like. Unblemished stretches that went on forever.

He could still remember her eyes. Soft, deep and endless. Angry at him, for what he’d done, but forgiving all the same. He could see, that the eyes, her eyes, were truly, and absolutely, the windows into her soul. And what a beautiful soul it was. Absolutely beautiful.

He could still remember her voice. It spoke of her past and hoped for her future to be more secure. It said volumes about sadness, which were hidden behind carefully created, carefully placed layers of protection. It was beautiful, just like the rest of her.

He could still remember her lips. Not too thin, not to full. A little bit of lipstick maybe, or they were possibly just a natural colour. He was not one to tell. He was not a reliable source. They were pretty lips.

He could still remember everything about her. Every little feature, every little characteristic, whim, way, value and trait. He missed every little, single bit of her, and about her. But, the thing was, was that, that chance encounter, had changed his life. For a while, he’d been happy, he’d loved, and he had finally felt alive again, even, if, without her, he was now dead once more.

When you meet the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, it’s a special moment, because you remember everything about them, especially when you look back on that occasion. You continue to remember everything about them, because you love them, and have grown to love them. And, even if you don’t get to spend the rest of your life with them, you still treasure all those little things, all those big things, all those everythings, about them. It’s what lovers do, they remember their loved ones, even if they’re dead, buried and gone. I lost Michelle, and I still remember how particular she was about burnt toast, and how she’d scrunch up her nose when I told a bad joke. I miss her, and I will do so, every single day until I die, and can be with her again in heaven. If it’s true love, you never stop loving someone, even if you can’t be with them, even if they were cruelly torn and taken away from you before their time, was up. I miss her, I love her, and I always will miss and love her. No matter what.

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