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Theatrical Muse: Week 13: Question 13

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 482

If you were left on a desert island, what three things would you take along?

In the interest of being sensible, I am not going to bring along a deck chair, a good book and a drink of lemonade. In the interest of survival on this hypothetical little situation which I am forcibly making myself answer I would take these following three things. Firstly I would bring along an Emergency position-indicating rescue beacon (EPIRB) which when carried by a person is called a personal locator beacon (PLB). Secondly I would take a 5 gallon drum of water and thirdly a fully loaded gun, such as the one I carry on my person right now for I know it is capable of ending a life. Now, to elongate on this currently simplistic answer I will give the reasons for the reason why I chose these three things as to speed the coming of the end to this activity quicker and save any further questions from being asked. I did choose to list my three chosen items in the order of which I would use them so even a simple minded fool can make sense of this answer.

If I was left on a desert island with those three items I would firstly manually activate the EPIRB, an EPIRB being a small radio transmitter which some satellites and aircraft can use locate people or boats needing rescue before going to the task of waiting. If functioning which it certainly would be along with being registered, the beacon from the device would transmit to a satellite. The satellite then transmits the beacon's data, including location, to its ground control station. The satellite's ground station then forwards the data to a national authority. The national authority further more forwards the data to a rescuing authority. The rescuing authority then makes the rescue. Once the satellite data is in, the actual forwarding processes are less than a minute to any signatory nation.

If that may fail and god forbid it wouldn’t even under some of the most twisted situations then I would slowly ration out the water until I use it all. If the authorities have still failed me by that time by not coming to my hopefully near immediate or near otherwise rescue I would check to see if the gun was operational by firing a bullet away from myself in a clear area and then wait further more until it was certain I would die. Then, most simply and wisely, I would shoot myself since it is a quicker way to die than sit around waiting any longer than I had been. With this of course being a hypothetical situation I will add one note, I really am not that stupid to let myself get into such a situation and if by some sick twist of fate I did end up with the three items that I have listed above I would follow that process and not deviate from it.

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