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Theatrical Muse: Week 1: Question 1

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 407

Do you feel that you were born with a predetermined role in society? If so, how do you feel about it?

No. Why? Because if I was born with a predetermined role in society I would know it and then the answer to this incompetent question would be more to your “whims” and “fancies.” The fact that I answered negatively blatantly simple if you would care to take your head out of your ethereal little surroundings and look at the cold hard facts. Many things have happened over the span of the last 41 years that have concerned myself in some way or another that have not been the most pleasant happenings I have watched. I do not say witnessed because I was not there when they occurred, merely I happened to be present in the aftermath, one time I even dealt with what happened, dug my hands right deep into covers that made up that small period of time in my life. If you were there, living in Las Vegas 41 years ago then maybe you would know what happened and I swear anybody who was who has the slightest chance of uncovering and idiotically blurting out what happened in the past has been told how they are to handle the matter. I expect those who were not there to not try and find out what has shaped the answer to this question for I have far more than enough means to push the trouble back on them ten fold. Grissom, well, he raises the reputation of the lab and the stature of myself, but me, what I do, I keep it in order. Hell, I got the position of Supervisor a year before he even got his royal little ass on the seat and only then because Brass stuffed up and got moved down because Brown stuffed up and got Gribbs killed.

Thing is, I am conscious; I know that I wasn’t born to grow up and become something; I knew all along I had to work for it. Life is not predetermined because people stuff up, if it was, things would be balanced, the world would still be the same but nobody could stop something from happening no matter how much they say they should have afterwards. Although people may seem to have that mentality now even, cold, hard statistics prove many of these infantile assumptions wrong. The chance of a raindrop falling and landing on a certain area of land in a certain way after a certain amount of movement, ever changing and endless.

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