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Theatrical Muse: Week 105: Question 105

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 528

What does "karma" mean to you?



1. Hinduism & Buddhism: The total effect of a person's actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person's existence, regarded as determining the person's destiny.

2. Fate; destiny.

3. Informal: A distinctive aura, atmosphere, or feeling: There's bad karma around the house today.

Sanskrit, deed, action that has consequences, karma; see ikwer- in Indo-European roots.

Other forms
kar'mic adj.

I am neither a Hindu nor a Buddhist, I am part of the Greek Orthodox Religion, so I do not believe in number one, and it does not apply to me. It’s all very well for Hindus and Buddhists to believe in that definition of karma, but I do not believe in it myself. Yes, my actions do determine where I end up in my life, but not in that kind of way.

Number two is a no go for me. I do not believe in fate or destiny. I do not believe that there are inevitable events predestined by a supposed force, principle, or power that predetermines events. I do not believe that there is an inevitable or necessary fate to which a particular person or thing is destined. That’s silly, unnecessary bullshit. A person’s decisions, choices and resulting actions determined where they end up in life, not inevitable events, supposed forces or inevitable fates. If a car crashes, then there are only a number of things that could have caused it. It could have been external factors, such as road conditions or the weather, internal factors such as something being wrong with the care itself, or it could have been the driver. Nothing said they had to get drunk, try to drive home, and kill themselves, but they did go out, they did drink too much, and they weren’t responsible. And if the end result is that they crash, then it is their fault and no one else’s, especially not some nonexistent force that supposedly made them veer off the road because they were meant to die. The world doesn’t run itself like that.

And as for number three? Oh please, if there is a distinctive atmosphere around a place, or a situation, then it is because of the people that are there, and possibly, the event have happened and, or, are happening. If I walked into a dirty house, I would possibly think that there is a bad atmosphere there, because it is dirty, and I hate things that are dirty. If I walk into a crime scene, of course there’s possibly going to be a bad atmosphere, because somebody has been murdered. I say possibly to both occasions, because it really, and utterly, depends on whether you are thinking about such poppycock as whether a situation feels bad, just because somebody wrong has happened. Intuition is a different kind of thing, because I will regard some crime scenes as having a bad atmosphere because I could very well be attacked if someone hasn’t done their job properly. Either way, I’m not a flower hugging hippy who thinks everything has karma, I’m a serious, public servant, and I believe in facts, I believe in science, not something somebody has made up.

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