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Theatrical Muse: Week 103: Question 103

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 356

What is the thing you regret most NOT saying?

“I want you.”


“I need you.”


He settled for an “I love you” as he held his wife in his arm on the outdoor swing seat. He couldn’t say “I want you”, or, “I need you”, because he just couldn’t. Even if he wanted to, deep down he knew that he wasn’t ready of that, and neither was she. They both wanted it though, which was what made the moment so quiet, and peaceful. He knew she was thinking exactly the same thing, but because of that kind of confused feeling that had arisen from the contemplative thoughts, they were both left silent. It was a subject best left for later, when the time was right.

Leafing through old photo albums on a Saturday morning, which was his day off, Ecklie smiled as he came across a small photo of a couple sitting on an outdoor swing seat. He couldn’t help but smile, it was an involuntary reaction because of the happy feelings that the picture made him feel. Both people had an air of confusion around them, as if they were working on a puzzle inside their heads, but the man had his arms wrapped around the woman and they looked perfectly happy, perfectly in love. The picture was perfect, because it captured their faces full on and showed a completely unaltered version of what they looked like, and, quite possibly, who they were. If the eyes were the windows into the soul, then that photo only served as evidence to back up that fact.

But time had moved on, and eventually, after staring at the picture for a while, he put it away and moved on himself continuing his ritualistic style day but never forgetting. Never forgetting the time where he had set the timer on the camera and ran to set down, only to look like he had been sitting there for his whole life. No, he wouldn’t move on, from her, but he would just continue. Continue as always, onwards and upwards, onwards and upwards, until he met death as well. He missed her, so much, so very, very much.

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