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Theatrical Muse: Week 101: Question 101

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 338

What are you like in the morning?

0600 Hrs: Wake up, switch alarm clock off and go to toilet.
Current mood: Sleepy.

0610 Hrs: Prepare bowl of bran cereal and milk for breakfast, pour glass of orange juice.
Current mood: Working.

0613 Hrs: Eat breakfast.
Current mood: Thoughtful.

0619 Hrs: Finish breakfast, wash up and clean away plate, cup and any other utensils.
Current mood: Working.

0622 Hrs: Brush teeth.
Current mood: Productive.

0628 Hrs: Dress into work clothes, collect possessions needed for day.
Current mood: Productive.

0633 Hrs: Prepare lunch, exit house with possessions and lunch, lock house.
Current mood: Productive.

0640 Hrs: Unlock car, put possessions and lunch in, get in car, drive out of driveway and towards work.
Current mood: Working.

0655 Hrs: Possible delay due to Traffic: Arrive at work, collect possessions, and get out of car.
Current mood: Working.

0700 Hrs: Lock car, walk inside, sign “clock” in to work.
Current mood: Working.

0705 Hrs: Go to office, set out possessions for day ahead.
Current mood: Working.

0710 Hrs: Make sure all staff are present, call meeting in meeting room, collect necessary papers and walk to break room.
Current mood: Working.

0715 Hrs: Assign cases to staff, take case for self and go out on location, either alone or together with one or more people depending on severity of case.

There? Happy? I do the same thing, almost every single day of the year. I get pissed off at quite a lot of the people I work with because they make mistakes, they trip and good up when they’re not meant to and when they simply can’t afford it. And if they manage to get it right, then good on them for getting the job done right, but I’m not about to pat them on the back because frankly I couldn’t care any less. As long as they do the work the right way, and to the best of their ability, to get correct results without making mistakes along the way, then I’m satisfied, and who knows, maybe, even happy.

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