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Theatrical Muse: Week 10: Question 10

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 350

What do you want on your tombstone - and why?

It almost seems coincidental this question, I mean god forbid there will be nobody to think up a “nice” and gaily soppy quotation on my headstone. By the time I die, which will be no time soon I assure you, the remaining family that I have at this moment, which would be just my aunt, will be dead. Because of which, the job of organising what happens on the occasion that I do die and do have a grave with a headstone to put something on will be left up to me and not be the responsibility of some other future, equal or older generation. At any given time I would not have it otherwise if that situation occurred which it will in the distant future because unlike anybody else in this entire god forsaken place called Las Vegas my aunt is the only one I think worthy enough of handling such a task. No matter how futile or unimportant she would make it so that I would have thought it right had if I had a say in things.

If I did have to chose my epitaph, which is the more likely thing to happen I would choose it years ahead, not now but sometime when I know within the next decade I would die, simply to get it out of the way and not leave it to some gangly headed lawyer who would clear up some of the matters concerning my death or whoever else might get a grab chance at giving me my last “final” words to the world. Personally I would rather have a blank tombstone, devoid of everything except my full name and birth date but if it happens that for some reason that decision changes within the next fifty or so odd years I will do one thing. I will give this answer so that if anybody nosey decides to come snooping around my personal life with inconsiderate and brainless questions similar to this one I can withhold the answer from them.

“History has been a great teacher, there has been nothing greater since.”

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