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Theatrical Muse: Week 86: Question 86

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 384

What is your greatest strength?

Oh please, get some new ideas won’t you? The theme of “are you a retarded imbecile or not?” is getting tiring. At least make the question vaguely interesting to answer, then we’ll all be happy and you might actually sound like you have some human intelligence.

My greatest strength is my ability to go on, my determination. If I got stuck in a case and simply gave up, I wouldn’t have gotten very far in my job and I probably wouldn’t have much of a job if any at all. Victims deserve justice and murders deserve punishment, it is the way our society goes and it is the type of thought I follow. Why? Because it is correct, after doing something wrong, there must be consequences for a person’s actions. If there wasn’t, the whole world would be a terrible free for all; people would run amuck because the fear of suffering would have been extinguished. I continue onwards, I pursue all avenues in a case, I turn over all the stones, for a case must be solved, it has to be solved. If it can’t be solved, then, when I get the time, I will try again, and again, and again, until I get an answer. If I never get an answer, which is highly unlikely, then that is my failure.

My life, for some parts of it, has not been lead down a road that I have chosen, more over I have been forcefully lead down it. The unhappiness and sadness life has dealt me has only served to make me stronger, not weaker. I find now, I am more willing than I was in my early years of life, to do things right and always try to get to the end of it as efficiently as I can. I will discard quickness for efficiency if I must, for the correct answer is better than the hurried and possibly incorrect one.

Life can be described as a dance. To be successful in life, a person must be determined, strong and dedicated. I am all three qualities and I have reaped the benefits of being a good person in my living. As long as I continue like this, all will be well; I can never grow weak because I am strong and steady.

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