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Theatrical Muse: Week 82: Question 82

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 305

"The first time I saw..."

The first time I saw death, I was seven years old. I am not a great lover of animals, nor have I ever been at any stage of my life, so, when I heard the screech of car tires and a yelp, I didn’t hurry up my walk around the block. Some might call it cruel, but the dog, which was a stray mind you, would have died anyway, even if I had gone to help. The guy behind the wheel was speeding, blood and guts everywhere. Quite spectacular when I think about it, all the blood spatter and other bits that go into the answer when the equation is a car plus a body.

It was an interesting experience to watch the man react to such a happening. Since I was nearly about to come to the corner and turn on to the road where it happened, when it happened, I got to see most of what he did. I heard the rest. First, he backed up his car a bit, then got out and swore. When I got in view of him he was just standing there, so I walked a bit closer and just sat down and watched. Nobody really notices a little boy when there’s a dead dog around.

There was a little girl with her mother there also, and she began crying and her mother had to hurry her along because she was absolutely bawling. Then the guy wrapped the body in a blanket, put it in his boot and drove away, guess he buried it later. I could see the dog’s eyes when it was moved, one had come out of the socket, but I saw that one and the other that was still in its head. They were cold and lifeless and most of all they were dead.

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