July 7th, 2008

Theatrical Muse: Week 238: Question 238

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 616

Freudian Slip.

A Freudian slip is not something I do frequently, if at all. A slip of the tongue or body, supposedly caused by unconscious or subconscious wants or desires, is not something I indulge in. I am a man who does not make mistakes often, the very least of which are foolish ones like mispronouncing words or inserting them in a sentence where they do not belong. People who make mistakes are people who do not pay attention to the world around them and to the culture and society that they live in. They do not learn what they need to about life, about speaking and acting correctly, and thus, they make mistakes. I pay attention to what I say when I speak, and I make sure to learn new things the correct way, so as to avoid such foolishness. I speak and act with thought in mind, but I can still function fluently, impeccably, on a day to day basis, on a lifetime one, even

No human is perfect, and even I admit that I have, and do, make mistakes. I make mistakes infrequently though, as in my line of work, mistakes are one of the things that can be afforded the least. Mistakes in the processing of a crime scene or of evidence, can be hazardous to any future prosecution and conviction that is related to the crime, whether it is directly or even indirectly related. I make mistakes, I misplace sunglasses, keys, but I always find them again. Irrespective of any mistake I make in my life, I always fix it in some way. It is not in my inherent nature to make Freudian slips, and this is so, regardless of whether I have any repressed unconscious desires or not.

I have consciously suppressed many things throughout my life, and I may even have repressed memories that I am not fully aware of. I have gotten rid of useless emotions, and I have ignored pain, regret hopelessness and loss, in order to succeed. I am not a bad man for having done this, because I see, first and foremost, and have always seen, the need for functionality in my life. There is no point in getting bogged down with unnecessary emotions, feelings, wants or hidden desires, when I can simply suppress them down and get rid of the extra baggage. The differing line between myself and someone else who suppresses useless facts or qualities about life, is that I am free of what may have troubled me in the past, if it ever troubled me at all. I do not simply squash down unneeded factors, and leave them in my mind to trip me up at some point in the future, I actually get rid of them. There is no point in aiming for a supposed true happiness, when I do not need it, and have no desire to feel it.

I have overcome personal, relevant difficulties, during my lifetime, and while it may have been nice to have been lived a different life, I do not regret how I have come out of the other end of it all. I simply, do not have many subconscious or unconscious desires, wants or qualms within my mind, or psyche, to trip me up. I do not believe in expression without a reason that requires it to be so, and as such, because I am a reasonable man who expects only what is reasonable, I am never disappointed with the way my life goes. I live my life to the best of my ability, and I do not make mistakes if I can help it, which, frankly, most, if not all of the time, I can.
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