January 9th, 2005

Theatrical Muse: Week 56: Question 56

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 463

What would a description of your *exact opposite* be like?

I’m going to take it that you mean personality wise because if you we’re asking of appearance than that would have to be even stupider than the already present meaning of the question. My “exact opposite”, to be thinking along the lines of personality, would be something closely resembling that of the inept attitude of which Grissom possesses. This “person”, being a reverse of my current self would be socially inept, whereas I am the preferential choice over the “highly esteemed” Nightshift Supervisor when it comes to press releases and would also keep an unkempt life. Being unorganised, as he would be, I can imagine that this somewhat doppelganger, appearance wise at least, would keep an untidy desk accompanied with a scruffy appearance and an unorganised daily and social life, much like Grissom I understand. After all, I keep a freshly shaved appearance and keep my desk in order, where as he keeps a beard I could only term to the likeliness of a street rat, while, at the same time he struggles to find something on top of his actual desk when I request it. And I suppose he wonders why I am in the lead running for a promotion.

To leave no stone unturned, in an effort to neutralise your “inexhaustible” quest for insight into my personal life, which I will not give, I will finish this answer in turn and give you all the details that I, find necessary. Like I have already stated, an opposite of myself, concerning chiefly personality, would be unorganised and dirty in appearance so I can only state that without a schedule to adhere to this “person” would have no direction in life. And since I will never be a person to get personally involved in my job, this opposite would probably do just that, while relaxing his attitude while on a case. In other words, by relaxing on the job, I mean doing things that are out of protocol, like, let’s just take a leaf from Grissom’s booklet here, like lying on beds at a crime scene, licking possible evidence, getting his men to jump into the evidence, in other words a swimming pool. The list goes on of the possibilities of an exact opposite of myself, which I can see now would be even more like Grissom than I originally thought it would be. Which is why I am perfectly happy with the type of person I am, unlike him, a person who gets sidetracked on the by-lines, I am moving up in our business as public servants. Soon enough I’ll be above him in position instead of just being job wise his equal and then, we’ll see whose boss. And guess what? It’ll be me, because I’m his complete, and better, opposite.
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