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Theatrical Muse: Week 71: Question 71

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 442

What is your worst character flaw?

Sixth question I will be forced to burn. I would have thought that, by the time we had reached this amount, you would have seen a pattern. This is stupid, unnecessary and foolish of you. Next time, do yourself a favour and rethink what you are about to say before you ask.

When Michelle was alive and we got time off together she’d take me to a park for lunch and we’d talk. Often we went to one park in particular and we’d sit on the bench together, then she would lay down on it and put her head in my lap. And she’d look up at me and then we would start to have a conversation.

We’d argue in work, so much, but out of work was different, it wasn’t logically possible to hate each other anymore. She called me hard once, she wanted a good word put into my Supervisor about something, some sort of back up for a new piece of equipment. I refused, of course, it was not my duty then to do favours for the Nightshift and neither is it now.

Then, on the weekend, we talked about character flaws and that was brought up, she said I should try to stop being so much like that and try to understand people from other views. She said that it would help me if I tried. I shook my head and we moved on to other things. It is part of my job to see things the way other people see it, so we needn’t have talked about it further because I don’t mix how I work with the way I treat my colleagues. I go around trying to see why the killer did it, I don’t go around trying to see why people are the way they are. It’s a pointless, time wasting activity to even try. I may be hard on people, but it’s the right way to go. They know where I stand and, in an efficient nature, they cooperate with me as a team.

People aren’t perfect, I am not and neither is anybody I know because perfection is an unachievable goal. We can get close to it but it is foolish ever thinking something is truly perfect on all levels, one may see it as perfect, and one may not. It is the way things go. And while things are moving along so smoothly, I shall take this answer and burn it. I’m not perfect, I admit that, but I’m not stupid either, so please, if you thought I was, move onto the next person, I’m sure they can offer you some stupidity.

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