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Theatrical Muse: Week 68: Question 68

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 365

If you could do one totally irresponsible or even bad thing with absolutely no consequences, what would it be and why?

Oh, right, sure, and, what? You really expect me to answer such a pile of bullshit? Please, crime in Las Vegas never sleeps, I am on duty seven days a week if need be and Hell could have frozen after and started thawing and I still wouldn’t even consider such an irresponsible action.

Newton’s Third Law of Motion: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

For the Idiots out there: For every force (or action) between two bodies there is always an equal but oppositely directed force (or reaction).

Example: A gun recoils when it is fired. The recoil is the result of action-reaction force pairs. As the gases from the gunpowder explosion expand, the gun pushes the bullet forwards and the bullet pushes the gun backwards. The acceleration of the recoiling gun is smaller than the acceleration of the bullet.

The force on the gun equals the force on the bullet. However, acceleration depends on both force and mass. The bullet has a greater acceleration due to the fact that it has a smaller mass.

You can not get away with something, without having something done back to you in return. If I push against a wall, the wall pushes back with equal force; it is, in the end, the way things work, whether people like it or not. As such, an irresponsible or bad thing can not be done without their being an equal and opposite reaction. I am a scientist; I have a Ph.D. in Biology and a BS in Chemistry, I work as a CSI and I am Dayshift Supervisor of CSI division at the Las Vegas Crime Lab. I know that a person can not get away with things that are bad or even irresponsible; fortunately, getting away with those actions is not the way it works in this world. I am present to make sure that people, in my jurisdiction and possibly even further outwards in some cases, do not get away with the crimes that they have committed. I do not and would never, even on a hypothetical basis, commit a crime, because, contrary to “popular” belief, people always get caught, no matter, fucking, what.

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