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Theatrical Muse: Week 67: Question 67

Theatrical Muse: Week 67: Question 67

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 400

What is so important to you that without it, life would not be worth living? Why?

Suicide is the ultimate form of selfishness.

There is nothing, which could happen to me, that would make me want to partake in such an idiotic act as suicide, or, in the first place, depression. I am a career man, after many years of long, hard work; I have climbed my way up the ladder. Over the years I have gone from CSI Level 1 to 2 and then onwards to 3 and to 4, that promotion soon enough followed by becoming Dayshift Supervisor. Unlike Grissom, I earned the rank of Supervisor through hard work and not as a result of the mistakes of my former Supervisor and his team. Not that he didn’t, mind you, the man alleviates the status of the lab, some, just some, but I highly doubt he would have gotten the promotion so soon if the woman had not died. Gribbs’s death, I will mention, was unnecessary and as a direct result of Brown’s actions, he had a decision between right and wrong and he took the incorrect path

If all goes well, when the current Assistant Director of the Crime Lab decides to give up his position, I know that retirement is on his agenda, I am already in the wings on being thought of for that position. I have no doubts that it will be mine, given the fact that Grissom doesn’t suddenly become organised and stop making mistakes, something which I do not think will be happening any time soon.

There is no reason, with that amount of experience and knowledge behind me, for me to become such a sorry twat as to think of death as my way out. I’ve had a gun to my head and been threatened at certain times throughout my career and I haven’t flinched, I hear Stokes cried though and I know Grissom had to be protected by Willows so it is obvious where I stand. I stand stronger, I stand as more established then they currently are, and, my team is the best over the Nightshift’s hodge podge group of people. I do not intend to lose these things, this experience, this knowledge and even if I did, I would not view life as not worth living. I would simply work my way around the problem and get back where, I simply, belong. Though I doubt I will be losing my job any time soon.

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