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Theatrical Muse: Week 63: Question 63

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 499

What can you say is truly yours?

Whatever it is to be called on the occasion that is has to be named as such, there are possessions, items, things, that I truly own because I have either earned or gained full ownership over them for some reason or, money wise, simply just bought them completely. On the other side of things, there are things I do not own, I am a public servant and I work as a CSI for the LVPD, thus, I use our equipment, yet I do not own it, as a majority, the lab does. I use the other resources of the lab in which I work in, the fridge, coffee machine, break room tables, chairs, sticky notes, paperclips, just to name a few, and I earn my rights to use them by doing and completing my work. It does not necessarily mean I truly own some of those items, but I use them because it is part of my job description and allowance to as such. These things allow me to write memos, put files together and on the offhand, eat my lunch in the sanctity of the break room instead of out in some second rate eatery which has most probably bypassed some of the health regulations of our fine country.

Out of work and work related activities, I truly own many more things than I do in work. I truly own the house in which I live in, by the time at which I started to live in it by myself, I was not renting it did not have a mortgage on it either because I already had the utter ownership of it, no strings attached. The items in and outside of my house such as my couch, inside and my barbecue, outside, I own since, once again, I have bought them completely. My car I also truly and completely own, because, even if it was bought of Grissom, I bought it with my own money, without the provision of a loan from someone or on the other hand, the bank.

Other than material possessions, I truly own my experience, in my lifetime I have worked hard to gain and retain all the knowledge that I have at the current moment. As a school student, University student and now, as a public servant and as a CSI, am not, will not and have never been the one to slack off. Instead, in the past and continuing now, I apply myself because good, hard working and willing application to the type of work I do does provide very sound and justifiable results. Thus, why my team is the top team over Grissom’s, I’m sure they must enjoy their pansy, family like relationship with one another but things like that lead to the downfall of minds and of bodies. After all, although I truly own my life, it can be taken away, just like Gribbs’s was when Brown left her all by her lonesome. Pity that was, a real pitiful shame.

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