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Theatrical Muse: Week 61: Question 61

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 477

Have you ever regretted a wish you made? Why/what happened?

I don’t wish. End of question.

Wishes have about as much solid foundation as daydreams do, which, would be, none. They also have about as much usefulness as daydreams as well, they do nothing, they produce no results, at the end of a said wishing period the only thing having gained productivity is probably a person’s idiotic nature to dream. A wish does not make things happen, only the person themselves can make something they want, done, as for the wish; it is a thing, in the way, without a purpose. Wishing, wishes and anything vaguely related to the matter is just something to hold up something while still spending time on it, wishing is an idle, stupid activity.

I have never wished, because of those reasons and also because I never waste time. As long as the Earth’s population becomes larger and larger, as long as there are still people on Earth, death of one person at the hands of another will never stop flowing. This Homicidal nature of some people is increased, even more so, if world insists on continuing to spew forth images and ideas of terror, which it does, some of which are the very kernels that spawn Homicide itself alongside Suicide. Crime never sleeps in Las Vegas, which is why I leave myself open to the call of my job on a 24 hour basis, because, people still kill because people are still there. I do not wish the entire population of the world dead by any means, but the idea still stands, things such as murder will never stop, simply because, they never will, there can not be a police officer in every house of the world to protect every single person in it.

I do not want to wish because I am constantly busy, every, single, day of my life, whether it be at home, or at work, or on the road, or even in mass. At work, I work, at home, I work, driving I am still thinking and working out where I need to go, and, finally, at mass, I am praying and worshipping. Worship is not work in an entirety, but it is still an activity in which I participate in, so, as a result, it takes up my time and keeps me “busy”. If I stopped to wish, there is the likelihood I would fall behind because I am not keeping up a constant check on where thing stand and how much time there is left until they are completed. Wishing is an act of a person with a nature full of whims and dreams, I do not whim, I do not dream, therefore, I do not wish because I contain none of the previous qualities. Which is fortunate for myself because it means I will come out on top of the people who do, wish.

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