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Theatrical Muse: Week 60: Question 60

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 555

What does the word 'love' mean to you?

Love, to me, means nothing. I do not love the victim, or the coroner, or my co-workers, because I am not like Grissom or Sidle, unlike them, I do not get personally involved with my cases, nor will I ever do that. I have no intention to because a situation such as that holds no reward for me, or anything else for that matter, so there is no reason, even if there was and I stood to gain something from the happening, I still would not get myself personally involved with a case. Even if it was something else, along the lines of a date, another person, another woman, presented to be in the request that I love them, I would not. I am not a loving man; I love no one and am perfectly happy with the way I am running my life at the current moment.

I am a public servant, normally I work seven days a week, unless I am forced to take one of my assigned days off under the fact that if I do not there will be consequences I am not willing to take. So, most often, I do not take days off for extended periods of time, until I am forced to. Though, by now, people have learned not to toil with me, whether it be the subject of my working hours, the continuous days I work or even the fact that they need an extra day off for “personal reasons.” Crime never sleeps in Las Vegas, and, my job is to process the evidence to solve the case, as is the people I am Supervisor of. If they have something to do outside of work, then they shall wait until they are assigned a day off, on my watch, people are not going to slack off. If they aren’t happy with that, then they can go to the Sheriff or some other similar higher authority because I am not handing out party favours.

In this job, there is no room for “love” or “personal involvement” or “personal reasons”, those things are left at home the moment a worker, Dayshift, or Night, steps out of the door of his, or her, place of residence. What we bring to the job is not love, or compassion for the victim or persons involved such as the victim’s family or even the murderer, it is knowledge and the will to work and put up with what work deals out to us. Some might leave those three things at home and some people like Grissom and Sidle bring them to the job for some pansy quality filled reason, as for myself, I have none of those three reasons. I do not love, I have no reason or cause to love, I do not get personally involved because I do not, will not and would lose my job if I did so and I do not have personal reasons because there are none and never will be any. Thus, why I am successful above others, I know where I stand and I work to stand higher, I do not bog myself down with unnecessary things such as love filled thoughts, activities, or actions. It is not required in any step of my life, personal, work, or otherwise and that suites me just fine.

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