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Theatrical Muse: Week 59: Question 59

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 509

Describe what your "happily ever after" would be like.

If I was the joking type, I could make some futile attempt at a humorous remark, here, and be over and done with this whole mamby pamby business. However, I am not the joking type of person, I don’t joke, I have never “joked”, and, I never intend to make a situation I am in, light hearted, by making some vaguely “humorous” remark. In the business that I am in as a CSI, dealing with dead bodies, collecting evidence, making sure every step I take is the right one, there is no room, no time and no want for jokes. If I went to inform a family that their loved one is deceased, and then made some crude joke about the dead person or even the family, nothing would turn out well and I can imagine there would be no future in me keeping my job, either.

I am not a joking type of person and neither do I day dream or contend ideas about things, happenings, which are impossible to have. I do not have a “happily ever after” because there is none, and, I am not going to wind up a possibility at the whim of some idiotic imbecile. There is no use thinking of the impossible, a realm that will not happen, thus, I think real and I live in the real, present world, not one of clouds and “bunny” rabbits. When presented with a piece of evidence I look at it and think whether I might be able to get a fingerprint off it, or even another piece of evidence itself. Either item, the first or the possible, undiscovered second, could be another vital clue pertaining to the eventual solving of the case and the backing up of it should it ever reach a court room. In my world, things are clean and organized because it has to be just so, if I went off imagining that I had a fingerprint and then was asked to present it, it would do me no good because it would have been made of dreams and hopes and whims, not solid, presentable, matter.

Coupling all that together, I see no desirable reason why I need to change my life, nor do I want to because I am happy and content with the one I currently have. I own a house, I work as what I have been trained to work as, I get my pay check and I pay my bills. The only place I will ever go is higher up in rank, not lower, because I am focused and don’t go flitting off like some god damned fairy to get personally involved with everything and everyone I touch. The way I live my life works and to prove that fact, it has been tried and tested yet and yet against other people and their own haphazard ways of living as I have passed by them. Always, my own lifestyle, myself, and, my own experience, comes out on top, never at any other lower level, never anywhere else.

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