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Theatrical Muse: Week 58: Question 58

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 763

What's the furthest away you've ever been from the place you were born/created? How did you get there? Why did you go? Did you return or even want to come back to where you came from?

The furthest that I have been away from Las Vegas, directly, would be 2228 miles precisely, which is the relative distance from Las Vegas to New York if a person was going to go in an absolute straight line from one place to another. Of course that didn’t happen but that’s the correct distance and I intend to stick to it. It would be different though If I added on the trip before hand, to Miami, Florida, which is 2177 miles in a straight line, from Las Vegas. However, I am not adding on that distance and keeping with the previous one of 2228 miles directly from Las Vegas to New York.

How I got there, for god’s sake you people are thick. Since the trips to Miami and New York are connected, I’ll give the whole story so nothing is left over unravelled for people to pick at. To get to Miami I drove for two days straight, leaving myself two extra days on top of those two to make up for lost time and to get settled in to where I had planned to stay. Seeing, unlike some people, I am organised, I bought my plane tickets to New York and from there back to Miami ahead of that time so I was well prepared because I had to go from Miami to New York soon after by business was finished at the first location. Naturally I made good time on the car trip to Miami and got there with plenty of time to spare. After my time there was spent, at the week long conference there, I paid the money to allow me to leave my car at the Miami airport and boarded the plane to New York. Upon arriving in the Big Apple, once again, well prepared and arriving ahead of the time at which I was directly needed there I settled in once again. After I had attended what I needed to go to in New York, which was a seminar, another week long affair, I took the plane trip back to Miami, picked up my car and drove back to Las Vegas, another two and a bit day trip. End of that story.

As for rhyme and reason for the excessive amount of travelling compacted all into one month, when I was a CSI level 2, there were meetings near the middle of the year that I had to attend. One was a conference, one was a seminar, the distinct difference between the two I will not explain seeing as the chance of the words being understood is increasingly slim. Whatever idiots organised the conference and seminar obviously weren’t in contact with each other because they were only two days apart from where the first one ended and the other one started. To put end to what could be a possible mystery, the only reason I have ever left Las Vegas was for the series of seminars and conferences I needed to attend in order to move up level after level.

I returned back to Las Vegas as soon as I possibly could, because, I had to get back to work, spending nearly three weeks away from my job cut a sharp amount of time into my schedule, training and experience as a CSI and after getting back I had a lot to catch up on. So yes, I did return and most definitely wanted to come back from the places I was at. I was amongst a large group of people for two weeks all involved on Forensics and CSI in some way or another. Although some people did deserve my respect and I did as thus a large amount of the personal attending were CSI level 2’s like myself. There is only one thing to say, with the exception of a few sparse people, that was the largest bunch of two bit pansies I have ever seen in one location, naturally getting back to my own territory and getting amongst people of an at least passable intelligence level was a priority. So, I had every reason to want to get back to the place where I work because I needed to get back to work and get back amongst people who could thread a needle. My team now, most certainly is better than a lot of those people could ever be. Of course, as their Supervisor I rank above them, but they are the top team, the best, above Grissom’s. A feat not hard to accomplish but achieved by the people I have jurisdiction over.

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