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Theatrical Muse: Week 54: Question 54

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 408

Do you believe in the possibility of a true friendship between a man and a woman?

It could depend on what definition of “true friendship” we are using if we are going to prance around like idiots hugging every god dammed person we see. Fortunately I’m not gay and even if I was, god forbid I still wouldn’t even think of going around and being sap happy all the time. In straight answer I am not going to say no, or yes, I will say that it is possible and place my affirmation of declination of the question as registering somewhere in-between the two. My aunt, to a certain extent, leaving family ties out of the matter, is a true friend of mine; I will not say I love her because at certain times throughout my life she has been a hindrance and a pain but I do consider her as some sort of “friend”.

As for other people, looking at the success rate of marriages and the divorce rate of them I will stay with my mind set midway between yes and no. There are some people out there who I have come in contact with that have been married longer than I have been alive so they are what could be considered a “yes” case. But, there are others I’ve known for just as long who have divorced because there is not the aforementioned “true friendship” between a man and woman. Then of course there are other cases, divorce, remarry and so on so they come somewhere in-between.

Even with the knowledge of divorce and marriage rates in this country I stay where I planted my feet. Some people get married, they stay that way until death, some alternatively don’t for whatever reasons they have. Thus why I continue with my decision of a midway possibility, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t so I can not say I absolutely believe in a true friendship between a man and a woman because I don’t. If I had to make a definite yes or no decision, for whatever blasted reason I might have to do I would however step away from my middle standing and say no. Why? Because I’ve seen more crimes of passion, a lover killing their lover, then I have seen successful marriages. People are fickle things, when it comes to lover’s crimes they murder over affairs, money, possessions, love and much, much more. And where does it get them? Jail and a sentence depending on the severity of their actions.

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