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Theatrical Muse: Week 53: Question 53

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 250

Write a drabble/ficlette based on the word: fun.

Eight years old, and a few dollars were pressed into a small boy’s hand with the words “Go get some peas Conrad, we never got them last shopping trip.”

Happily the boy obliged and ran off, slowing to a trailing walk as he neared the supermarket and got preoccupied with two birds in the sky.

When he came back home, his parents were dead.

Going on the trip to the market was fun, coming back home, was not.

Raised by his aunt, the orphan became cruel and heartless, but he was forced to have fun. He played baseball, learnt languages, did dancing and took protocol and etiquette classes. He also scared small children in Sunday school with his tales of headless horses.

Scaring people was kind of almost fun. He always put a wall up between him and the world. Knowing he was responsible for his parents’ death. Was not fun.

1985, thirty years old, the man met a woman and a hand was pressed into his and he smiled at it, that was fun, he was happy.

The man went off to work, he worked Day, she worked Night, so he left her sleeping. When he came back, she was still sleeping, he turned her over.

Many stab wounds, stuffed with bandages; there was no bleeding because of that. At risk of his job, he worked on the case.

Loving her was fun, not knowing that she was dead, finding her, was not.

Life and death, are not fun.

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